Best Curved Monitor: 20 Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide (2018 Updated)

As per the demands of the highly engineered components used in the computer and also the various kinds of applications being installed in a computer, a good monitor plays a very important role in giving the best output to the user. The curved computer monitor has recently been the talk in the market and is slowly being accepted by all the users in order to make their desks and computer setups look more appealing to the eyes of the viewers. These monitors come in different display ratios and from different brands which offer various quality differences over time.


Need interpretation: Best curved computer monitor. Do you really need one?

A monitor is an important peripheral of the whole computer system which provides all kinds of results and output to the users. Curved monitors are only bought to increase and achieve the perfect look on the desktop. This has been made possible by all the brands which provide the best in class monitors to the enthusiast users.

Use curved monitors for gaming purposes.

Gaming on a good monitor is important. Monitors are built with different kinds of display units like the TN or VA or the IPS panels. Most of the curved computer monitor comes in the latest IPS display which serves really well to all the gameswhich require a greater refresh rate and less response time.

With a 60Hz refresh rate, the gamers can see the perfect vertical sync of the game along with the monitor and can play games without getting distracted by the un-synced alignment of the pixels on display.

Use Curved monitors for watching movies

Watching movies on the computer gives full entertainment to the viewers. With the proper setup of sound speakers and the proper color gamut in the monitor, watching movies on the monitor can be really fun. The various latest curved computer monitor in the market comes with the latest IPS display which provides the best viewing angles and also the best color depth and gamut. The contrast ratio on these is also really good. Thus this kind of monitors can really be helpful in watching movies.

Use curved monitor for multipurpose use.

Apart from watching movies and playing games, the computer can also be used for various other purposes like multimedia editing and other high productivity works. The best monitors in the markets are demanded by graphic designers and editors who required high pixel density to edit photos and also to create graphics in the highest resolution maintaining highest color quality.

There are various kinds of aspects which form the various features of the monitor. These monitors are nowadays slowly being replaced by the newer curved computer monitors which look great and also serves every purpose of the user.

Best curved computer monitor: comparison table, list, and top picks.

Choosing the right monitor to suit and fulfill the requirements of the user is very important. There are certain aspects which are required to keep in mind before buying or even opting to choose a monitor.

This article provides the ultimate buyer’s guide to how to select a monitor and also what to consider while buying one in case you do not know. I have been honored to list some of the best-curved computer monitors present in the market and help out the readers to choose from the list below.

How we picked and  tested

All the described model numbers have been handpicked by us and reviewed for over a while. The monitors have been tested over and over again for the best results and also for its longevity.

Monitors for computers is tough to choose, so we would like to help you with our suggestions of some of the best-curved computer monitor in the market so that your work can be reduced.

Best curved computer monitor: which one you should choose?

Choosing the best-curved computer monitor is tough. In order to choose the best of all the monitors, it is important to keep in mind the various features like the display resolution, color, gamut, contrast ratio, refresh rate and also the response time. In order to pick out the best of them all, I have shortlisted some of the best in the market right now.

Top 1 Samsung CF391 Series curved 32’’ FHD monitor (C32F391)

These computer monitors are different than our usual television sets. Television sets are normally made from VA panels with deeper blacks and a great contrast ratio. This means that viewing movies and images on television is better than a monitor. But curved monitors use the technology which replicates the performance of the television and also provides suitability to all the curved computer monitors.

About this curved computer monitor

This monitor is the best in the market. The panels used by the Samsung development teams for making their monitors are the best of all in their class. The color reproduction of the monitors is simply fabulous. Sporting a full HD display, the images and movies are crisp and sharp.

The monitor supports a VGA port and HDMI port for better clarity and user performance. Being curved, it covers a wider area segment which means that movies and games can be watched and played on an even wider screen ratio. The high refresh rates on this monitor make games and movies look super real and also lifelike.


  1. Full HD display makes all images and videos crystal clear and sharp.
  2. 5000:1 contrast ratio makes blacks deeper on this.
  3. Vibrant colors with the help of Samsung’s active crystal color technology.


  1. Priced too high. This is not for those who want a curved display on a budget.

Why is it a top pick?

This curved computer monitor is what everybody dreams of. This monitor sports to have all the necessary features in order to game, view and also work in one package. I would have chosen this monitor over the others under all circumstances. With a full HD display, this monitor steals the market. Let us look into the other curved computer monitor in the market.

Top 2 SCEPTRE 27’’ curved LED monitor C278W-1920R

A good computer must have a good monitor to it. To make it look classier and beautiful, a curved computer monitor is a perfect solution to the entire desktop setup. This can be achieved by the sceptre 27-inch curved monitor which provides the beauty to your computer desk.

This is because the monitor is one of the best in the market right now. With a wide variety of colors supported on this one, it has a great viewing angle and also provides a good color reproduction. The display panel used in this monitor is an IPS panel which is better at color gamut and a good contrast ratio.

This monitor rocks a 1920*1080 screen which can be connected through HDMI ports, display ports or VGA. This comes in a shiny brushed metallic silver finish. With its unique looks and performance on the table-top, it is sure to make the setup an all-rounder.


  1. 1920*1080 resolution is true to its sense and provides clear and crisp images.
  2. 1800R immersive curve design makes it curvier.


  1. The panel is a bit on the heavier side.


The overall performance of the monitor considering the price point at which it is sold is a true deal maker. This is a wonderfully curved computer monitor which must fall under the must-buy bucket list.

Top 3 Samsung IT LC27F591FDNXZA 27’’ curved monitor.

All monitors in today’s market are getting bigger in size. Not only that, the design of the models has improved from being a vertical panel to slightly curved ones. This curved effect provides a surround view of the images being displayed on the monitor. The Samsung panels are said to be the best in the market.

The use of the IPS panels on the Samsung’s latest technologies helps the user to get the maximum performance out of this monitor. The curved computer monitor sports 1920*1080 pixels, providing better color reproduction rates and higher refresh rates at around 60Hz and a response time of 4ms.

The LED monitor adds the essence to the complete setup of the desktop, and with the sharp and crisp details of the images on the monitor, the users are bound to find the monitor awesome. It also has a 1800R curve design which makes the monitor even curvier as a result of which the viewing angles get better.


  1. The 1920*1080 pixels resolution on the monitor is sharp.
  2. Connectivity with HDMI and Display Ports makes the resolution even better.


  1. It is costlier than the other models in the market.


With all the awesome line-up features on this monitor, this has already created a lot of attention in the enthusiastic market of modern-day computing and is slowly become one the best-curved computer monitors to choose from.

Top 4 SCEPTRE C325W-1920R 32’’ Curved LED monitor.


Monitors for normal every day use and high productivity usages are different than the monitors which are meant for gaming purposes only. The monitors which are made especially for the gamers often sport a higher refresh rate than the ordinary monitors. SCEPTRE C325W*-1920R sports a 1800R curve which makes it curvier than the others.

Displaying images at 1920-1080 pixels makes the images on this panel look sharper than ever. With the crystal clear display, the gamers can easily look out and spot their enemies. With a higher refresh rate, the players need not worry about the vertical sync and the sudden frame drops in the games.

It can be connected to the computer using an HDMI or a display port or a VGA cable. With a sleek metal look to it, this monitor sure is the style of the modern systems. The response time of the monitor is said to be 5ms which is not that bad.


  1. The 1920*1080 resolution display steals the show.
  2. Higher refresh rate means higher frames per second in a game.


  1. This model is a bit on the heavy compared to the other models in the market.


With all the power packed features in the curved computer monitor., this has to be people’s favourite, and it is a must to use this monitor once to enjoy the true vision of higher pixels on a large display.

Top 5 LG 34UC80-B 34’’ ultra-wide monitor.

There are a very few monitors in the market which doesn’t make it to the top of the list even though the features are much better than the rest of the ones in the list. The LG 34UC80-B curved computer monitor is one of them. Coming at a blaring QHD 3440*1440-pixel resolution, the images and videos are much sharper and clearer on this monitor.

The panels used in this monitor just like the others is an IPS panel which provides better viewing angles at 178 degrees both vertical and horizontal. The refresh rate on the monitor is 60Hz responding at 4ms. It provides a 16:9 ratios with a 21:9 display output. This 34-inch monitor takes productivity to another level.

It is good for those who deal with editing photographs and videos and require higher pixel density to understand each and every aspect of what they view on the monitor.


  1. The 34 inch 3440*1440 resolution display is the main attention to this monitor.
  2. The images are clearer and sharper.
  3. Better color reproduction at higher refresh rates.


  1. It is costlier than the others in the market.


This monitor is bound to provide an all-around experience to the users of the monitor. This is because of the various features discussed above. This is my personal favorite till now.

Top 6 VIOTEK NB27C 27” curved LED monitor.

This monitor brand is not so well known in the market, but the monitors manufactured by them is truly remarkable. With a full HD 1920*1080 display, the monitor is designed to experience true gaming experience on the same. The monitor provides a 60Hz refresh rate and also prevents any motion blurs in the game engines.

This makes the images in the games look clean and clear with no kind of jarring movements whatsoever. The high frame rates also eliminate the vertical sync of the game and give smooth gameplay on this monitor.

This monitor also has some cool features like, it has a great dynamic contrast ratio at 20000:1 which means deeper blacks on the monitor. This makes watching movies and playing games on this monitor even more interesting. It comes with a 16:9 ratio display which is perfect for watching movies and also supports two modes which are the game mode and the movie mode respectively.


  1. The contrast ratio of the monitor is really high which provides deeper blacks to the user.
  2. The display resolution on this is clear.
  3. Connectible with HDMI, DVI-D, VGA port.


  1. The lack of a Display Port is the deal breaker.


Overall, the total rating on the monitor must be a 4 out of 5. The monitor truly serves its competitions in the market. Even though the brand might be unknown to many, this monitor is also one of the must buys.

Top 7 Samsung LC49HG90DMNXZA CHG90 series 49’’ curved monitor.


What is it like to do something in a very grand way? Have you ever thought of gaming and watching movies on a giant screen? Well, this Samsung curved computer monitor has revolutionized the idea of gaming on a big screen.

With a 32:9 ratios and a 3840*1080-pixel density, this monitor is the best of the whole lot. The IPS QLED display panel used in the monitor gives the brightest of all the colors available in the color gamut of the monitor. With a 60Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, this monitor eliminates all kinds of motion blurs in games and provides a good contrast ratio making sure that the blacks in the picture are darker than usual and looks appealing in the eyes of the viewer.

With a rotating monitor stand, this can be oriented both vertically and horizontally. Thus making both gaming and productivity experience better on this model.


  1. The 3840*1080 resolution on this monitor is sharp irrespective of its size.
  2. The big screen size is awesome for a real lifelike gaming experience.



  1. This monitor from Samsung is the costliest of the lot due to its huge screen size.


The main attraction of this monitor is it humongous screen size which serves really well for hardcore gamers who don’t just play the games but who feels them. This is a perfect choice for those who are willing to spend much for a great display and also to sport a massive screen.

Top 8 Samsung CF398 series 27’’ FHD curved monitor.

The monitor which serves all the requirements of a user starting from basic to highly productive work and also gaming purposes can be met by this monitor from Samsung. The CF398 series provides a wide range of better viewing angles for the monitor.

This is the reason why almost everything can be seen from almost horizontal to the screen itself. It provides a wide angle of 178 degrees of coverage with better color reproduction skills on the IPS display panel on this monitor. The monitor comes in with a sound output which can be accessed with the help of headphones only.

The monitor provides a faster 4ms response time with over 60Hz of refresh rate making it perfectly suitable for gaming purposes. The contrast ratio on this curved computer monitor is also better which means better blacks on the display. This monitor is well suitable for image editing as well as for video editing and viewing.


  1. The monitor is slim and does not take up much of the space.
  2. The clear full HD display on the monitor is worth appreciating.
  3. The additional headphone jack is just the icing on the cake.


  1. The product is a bit too overpriced considering it is a 27’’ monitor.


The Samsung monitor provides great access to a wide variety of colors on its crystal clear full HD display. This monitor is the best for those who are looking for a class as well as better kind of performance.

Top 9 LG 34UC80-B 34’’ 21.9 curved computer monitor.

There are great monitors in the market. There is a tight competition between the monitor manufacturing brands which is the reason why the market is filled with the best of the best monitors for the customers. Similarly, LG has also brought up with its 34UC80-B monitors which is a 21:9 ratios QHD 3440*1440 monitor.

This monitor displays an all-clear image and video to its viewers. The monitor is color calibrated at 99.9% accuracy which means that you can expect a better color performance in this monitor. This monitor comes in with all kinds of connectivity ports required to connect to the computer. Hosting 2 HDMI ports, 1 display port this monitor is ever ready to deliver class performance to its owner.

Users can use the split screen mode on this display in order to split the screen into two equal halves and work simultaneously on both of them. The stand offered with the set can be used to tilt the monitor and also to raise the monitor to a certain height.


  1. The 3840*1440 resolution display of the monitor is really good
  2. It provides good viewing angles
  3. With a response time so less, the monitor provides better performance.


  1. The base stand provided with the product is a bit unstable due to its design.


The curved computer monitor from LG is going to serve all the needs of the users with respect to video editing, image processing and also provide a full-time gaming experience on the model.

Top 10 LG 34UC89G-B 34’’ curved monitor

There are certain monitors in the market which takes all the crème away the monitor by LG called the 34UC89G-B is the newest model which provides mind-blowing features to the users of the monitor. This is probably the first monitor on the list which I have created to have a G-sync inbuilt.

This monitor also has crosshair options to make the gaming experience a lot better. With a full HD 21:9 ratio and 2560*1080 pixels display, this curved computer monitor is a beast. With all the power packed features provided and sold at such a good price, this, to my expectations is the best.

34’’ monitor is a pretty good size to accommodate a desk and also make the whole setup look beautiful. It sports a 144Hz refresh rate which is the most than all the others in the line-up. It also has a 5ms of response time which helps in better gaming performances.


  1. The resolution is really great on this monitor provided it is a 21:9 ratio monitor.
  2. The higher refresh rates help in a true gaming experience.
  3. The adjustable stand works really good with this for tilting and rising purposes.


  1. Even though the stand works well with the monitor, the base stand is unstable.


Getting a monitor at such an incredible price with such features is a deal you cannot refuse. This monitor from LG is the best of the lot, and it requires more attention than it gets at present.

Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor (C27FG70)

This is a popular display, many people like this monitor because it increases the quantum dot technology, and it can display a wide range of accurate colors. The Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor has a very special desktop style, with a built-in blue light filter to reduce damage to the eyes. The display screen is full HD and a wide range of vision, so you will have a very good game experience.


Quantum dot technology: This Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor adds quantum dot technology, so you can see the exact color in a wide range of situations.

144 Hz Refresh Rate: the monitor has 144Hz refresh rate and it will not appear the picture of tearing.

Enhanced gaming usability: This Samsung 144hz Monitor gives us some extra game style, so that we can enjoy a different game experience.


The monitor can’t adjust the height of the screen.

What Current Owners

I think this Samsung 144hz Monitor is very suitable for me, it’s a good function, and its price is not expensive, I recommend everyone to buy it.


This Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor increases the quantum dot technology, in the game can show a more beautiful picture.

Best MIS Curved Monitor Of 2018

MSI 144hz Gaming Monitor 27″ Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G27C)

This is a very popular game monitor, which has a refresh rate of 144Hz, full HD resolution can bring us a more realistic image. The control panel of the MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor is designed to be very reasonable, and the ultra fast response speed makes us happier in the game. The MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor color is very good, there are a lot of game enthusiasts praise it.


144hz Refresh Rate: The monitor has a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which can reduce the screen tearing and jitter phenomenon.

True Color: The monitor has a high resolution, it provide us with the most realistic and the most detailed image.

Wide Viewing Angle: It can view a clearer picture even in a broader perspective.


The monitor has a bit Small backlight bleeding.

What Current Owners Say This 144Hz Monitor

I like the design of the monitor and the color of the screen, it’s response is very fast, it is important that I will not feel tired even if I look at the monitor for a long time, I think this is a very worthwhile purchase.


The MSI Gaming 144HzMonitor has wide viewing angel and high Refresh Rate, it is very popular with game enthusiasts.

Best LG Curved Monitor Of 2018

LG 34UC79G-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate

This is an increase of the advanced features of the game display, which has optimized monitor settings, can be well reflected in the dark scene. The response of this display is very fast, so reducing the blur of the screen gives us a smooth gaming experience. The LG Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming 144Hz Monitor has a wide screen, we can see a wider field of vision in the game.


Ultrafast response time: The response time of the display is 1ms, allowing players to play with a high level of skill.

Advanced Gaming Features: This monitor can quickly optimize the monitor settings so that tiny details can be well reflected in the dark.

Full HD screen: it has full HD and Curved screen so that you will have a broad vision and get clear picture.


This LG Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming 144Hz Monitor has no speakers.

What Current Owners

I was through the introduction of a friend to know the monitor, I found it really popular, I can play a very smooth game, the screen has no blur. The design of this monitor provide me with elegance.I am very impressed with this product!


This IPS 144hz Monitor has advanced gaming feature and fast reaponse time, it is very suitable for game enthusiasts.

Best 32 Inch Curved Monitor Of 2018

FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek GN27C 32” Curved Computer Gaming Monitor

This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is able to eliminate motion blur to provide you with a lag free gaming experience. This 144HZ Curved Monitor is designed with a ed color combo and classic black. This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is capable of bringing you amazing picture no matter how demanding the games are. This product can provide you with many colors and vivid images.


Dynamic contrast ratio: The 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio will bring you vivid images and you will be provided with all the details.

Connectivity options: This 144HZ Curved Monitor can bring you DUAL LINK DV1, DP1 and HDMI that these connectivity options gives you much convenience.

High resolution: The 1920x1080p high resolution eliminates motion blur for you and you will be offered the best gaming experience.


There is only 3 monitors left in stock.

What Current Owners

I was very impressed with this Viotek’s 32″ curved monitor! This item is well desgined with good contrast and good colors.I enjoy playing computer games with it very much. I was pleased with this purchasing.

Bottle line

This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek gaming monitor features a modern design and is designed with many useful feature to provide you wonderful gaming experience. You will fall in love this perfect monitor at the first sight.

Curved computer monitor: accessories and list table

The monitors are always a good companion in viewing images and watching videos on it. However, in order to make the monitor look even prettier than what it actually is, various other third-party companies manufacture accessories which can be attached to your monitor to make it more entertaining.

Among them, the most important is the monitor stand arm which is a retractable metal table top mount which can help elevate the monitor and make the monitor stand without a stand. This can also be used to attach multiple monitors at the same time. The other most demanded accessory for a monitor is RGB LED strip lights. Attaching one of these on the rear side of the monitor and illuminating the products from the back side really makes the monitors stand out in the crowd.

Brief summary

The article is based on some of the best-curved computer monitors in the market right now. I have done my analysis on the aforesaid monitors and classified them as some of the best in the market. The various monitors in the market provide a different kind of specification and are always different than the others. Finding the perfect monitor for the use of the of the user is very important.

Choice time: I would choose the LG 34UC80-B 34’’ 21.9 curved computer monitor, and you?

Finding the perfect monitor for your computer setup is tough. Not everyone knows what to consider while buying a monitor. This can be taught through the educational article. The main things to look for while buying a curved computer monitor are the contrast ratio, the color reproduction and color gamut, the refresh rate and the response time. Considering all the features, the best one will automatically be shortlisted. From among the above, I would choose the LG 34UC89G-B monitor for the following reasons.

Reason #1

Refresh rates play an important role in the overall performance of the monitor especially in the field of gaming. Gamers would often face a certain off-sync with the game graphics and the monitor’s refresh rate. This happens because the graphics at which the game is being rendered are not compatible with the refresh rate of the monitor. In order to reduce this type of off-sync in games and also in videos, this monitor is the best because of its 144Hz refresh rate.

Reason #2

Color reproduction and color accuracy is also an important feature in monitors. Unlike televisions, monitors are more precise over their selection of colors over the color gamut. The colors reproduced on this model is of superior quality and the color is crisp and bright.

The contrast ratio is also good enough to create darker blacks on the photos and videos on the monitor. With a 99.9% color accuracy, this monitor is apt for editors. If you are one as well, get this monitor as soon as possible.

Reason #3

What is a monitor if it doesn’t have a good display? The LG 34UC89G-B is the kind of monitor which offers a 21:9 aspect ratio on a 2560-1080 resolution display. This display resolution states that each and every pixel depicted on the monitor screen is going to be accurate and the picture displayed on the screen is going to be the best of all for being sharp, clear and crisp.

The color will also play an important role along with the resolution to provide remarkable results at an affordable price which the enthusiasts cannot refuse at any cost.

Know more about: read best computer monitor ultimate buyer’s guide.

Buying a monitor can a bit tough for those who are new into this. The basics of buying a monitor are pretty easy. All you need to focus on is the various features the monitor provides in order to pick the best.

Consider the contrast ratio, the aspect ratio of the curved computer monitor. The color reproduction values and the color gamut and also the color accuracy of the monitor. It is also important to check the refresh rates and the response time of the monitor while choosing and purchasing one.

Final words: conclusion

The above article provides all the details which one would require in order to choose the best-curved computer monitor on the internet and also in the market as a whole. Finding the best monitors is not a tough job for you now. Hope that the above article helps out the readers and that you make the perfect choice for yoursel