Best 4K Monitor 2020:[FreeSync,144HZ,G -Sync] 2020

In 2020, different models of 4k monitors have been released to the market by different companies. All come with the good feature but some are better than others. It is important that before purchasing any of them, that you identify the best 4k gaming monitor that will suit your needs your needs and remain within your budget.

With the wide variety of 4k hdr monitors available today, arriving at a decision on what to purchase could be quite a task. For that reason, we have provided you with a well-detailed review of the best 4k monitors to smoothen your shopping experience.  For decades, we have been testing 4k monitors and we are dedicated to providing our readers with the best reviews which are honest and impartial. Our goal is to ensure shoppers are well informed and that they can arrive at the best decision on the best 4k monitors.


4K Monitor: Technical Interpretation (opinion and list)

4k monitors offer a resolution of approximately 4000 pixels. These are Ultra High Definition monitors and its horizontal and vertical pixels are 3840 x 2160. This resolution is exactly four times the one offered by full High Definition (HD) monitors. 4k gaming monitor reproduces highly detailed and better image quality. They are suitable for gaming and other professional work.

Some Reasons to Buy 4K Monitor (Opinion and List)

Since the release of 4K HDR monitor to the market in 2013, many users have shifted to the traditional monitors to these more advanced types. A 4K monitor, is ideally what anyone planning to purchase a monitor in the near future should go for.

The prices of 4k monitors immediately after their release were quite unaffordable but with time they have drastically gone down. They have become more affordable for most shoppers interested in upgrading their gaming.

Secondly, they come with a high screen resolution. 4k monitors are also referred to as Ultra High Definition monitors and just like the name suggest, the monitors produce extremely sharp and therefore the quality of images produced is guaranteed.

10 Best 4K Monitor I picked in 2020:  Table & List

  • ASUS VP28UQG 28 inch
  • ASUS MG28UQ 28 inch gaming monitor
  • Acer Predator XB281HK Bmiprz 28 inch
  • BenQ EL2870U
  • LG 27UK650-7 27”
  • ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ 27 inch
  • Samsung 8 inch 4K
  • LG 24 UD58-B
  • Acer KG281K bmiipx 28 inch gaming monitor.

How we test & pick

To come up with our 4k monitor reviews, there are several factors we put into consideration.  We use the great experience we have gained over the years alongside with different tools to test different properties of 4K gaming monitors. One important tool we use is the X-Rite i1 Display Pro tool that we use when testing screen properties such as accuracy, contrast, and brightness. The same tool is used in screen calibration and determining their level of capabilities. Another tool we use is the Leo Bodnar which we use to determine the suitability of a screen for gaming.

Why should you trust us?

We have specialized in reviewing monitors and we have great experience in this industry. For several decades, we have been reviewing monitors and providing our readers with accurate information on the best monitors available on the market at any given time. Our reviewed monitors are taken through thorough checks and tests just to ensure high levels of accuracy which is necessary for offering proper guidance to our readers.

The Key Players: Best 4K Monitor, In-depth Reviews

Recent innovations and technological advancements in the electronics industry have seen the prices of 4K gaming reduce at a dramatic pace. Manufacturers have shifted from manufacturing the traditional models to more advanced 4k monitors. With consideration of multiple factors, I have compiled the top picks just to guide buyers in selecting the right monitor.

Part #1  7 Best 4K Monitor 2020

On this compilation of best 4K monitors, we have provided buyers with the leading monitor’s anyone can find in the market. These are monitors with the highest resolution, super fast response times and refresh rates among other incredible features.

Top 1: Editor’s Choice:  ASUS VP28UQG 28”  Reviews

About this 4K Monitor

ASUS VP28UQG 28” is specially designed to provide users the best gaming experience. The 4K monitor with an Ultra HD display is a perfect gadget for users intending to use it for watching movies as well as gaming. In the gaming arena, the 4k gaming monitor takes lead as it offers a magical gaming display just to ensure users get the best experience possible.

With a resolution of 3840×2160 and 157PPI pixel density, ASUS VP28UQG 28″  produces highly detailed images and sharp texts that anyone would desire to have for gaming as well as watching movies.

The 28-inch monitor offers sufficient onscreen space that is accommodative of your various applications and activities on windows.

Another amazing feature is that it has a super fast response time of 1ms which ensures a great visual performance while getting rid of motion blur and lag. This ensures that even with the fast gaming, users get an out of this world gaming experience. Other features include adaptive sync which prevents screen tearing and maintain good frame rates giving users amazing gameplay. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, uses can be sure of seamless 4K UHD playback for all content.


  • The monitor offers high-quality colors and graphics.
  • It is a high-performance monitor compared with other of its kind available in the market today.
  • The visuals are of high quality making it suitable for gaming as well as other tasks.
  • Its response time is quite impressive.
  • Using the ASUS eye protection features users can use the monitor for a long period of time without strain.


  • It does not support VESA mount.
  • It lacks HDR support.
  • Its stand is small in size, therefore, does not provide sufficient support.

Bottom Line

ASUS VP28UQG 28 is, without doubt, a perfect choice for anyone looking for a good 4K monitor. Its specifications guarantee users good user experience.

Top 2 ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28″ Reviews

About this 4k monitor

ASUS MG28UQ is a 28-inch gaming monitor with an Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen that offers users one of the best visual qualities. It has all a gamer would need in a 4k gaming monitor.  The monitor has a relatively wide screen enabling a user to work from multiple windows simultaneously.

It is firmly supported by its ergonomic stand which further provides users with a wide viewing angle since it can be adjusted and tilted to the most convenient and comfortable viewing angle.

With a 60Hz refresh rate and a superfast response time of 1ms, users can also enjoy the benefit of sharp and non-blurred objects.

Connectivity to other devices is enhanced by the availability of USB 3.0, HDMI and display ports.


  • It has a well detailed OSD Menu which enables easy navigation.
  • It offers high image quality.
  • Eye protection technology enables users to work for long hours without eye strain.


  • It is not quite affordable for every buyer.
  • The TN panel is a drawback especially to anyone looking for highly defined pictures.
  • It is not the best option for video or photo processing.

Bottom line

 ASUS MG28UQ 4K monitor has a simple, classy look with a good blend of specifications that make it suitable for multiple applications. It is relatively expensive but its’ features are really worth the cost.  For that smooth gaming experience, ASUS MG28UQ 4K is an amazing option.

Top 3 Acer PredatorXB281HK Bmiprz 28” UHD Reviews

About this monitor

Acer PredatorXB281HK Bmiprz 28 is yet another 4K gaming monitor with a large monitor of 28 inches. Since its release to the market, it has gained popularity due to its outstanding specifications. It has a twisted nematic (TN) panel screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The gaming monitor is designed to provide gamers with a gaming experience they cannot find with any other gaming monitor. It utilizes Nvidia G-sync technology which ensures high-quality visuals without screen tearing. As much as the monitor has a TN panel which means its color quality is not as good as what you will find in a monitor with an in-plane shift (IPS) panel, the monitors still have a high preference due to the other remarkable features it possesses.

Another amazing feature of the monitor is its robustness. The monitor has a strong body that cannot be damaged easily. It can also be adjusted to a convenient position with ease while it maintains its stability.

With Acer PredatorXB281HK Bmiprz, the user can connect to other devices with ease. Connectivity is enabled by the multiple ports which include USB 3.0, HDMI and display 1.2 ports.


  • It has a large 28-inch screen that enables users to use multiple windows simultaneously.
  • It is a G-sync premium monitor that offers a good gaming experience.


  • It has a TN panel screen which produces poor brightness and color quality.
  • The fonts produced by the monitor are not very clear. There is a bit of blur.

Bottom line

Acer PredatorXB281HK Bmiprz is one of the best monitors for anyone in need of a gaming monitor. Nvidia G-sync technology makes it a powerful monitor for use on several applications rather than just gaming.


About this 4k monitor

BenQ EL2870U is a 28-inch gaming monitor with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. The monitor was released to the market with a remarkably good set of specifications. The 4k HDR monitor offers an above average display with support for an array of colors, far much more than the ones supported by ordinary non-HDR monitors.    One of the notable features is the FreeSync technology provided by AMD which provided synchronization of the monitors refresh rate and the graphics card frame rate thereby providing accurate images.

A response time of 1m provided by the monitor is exactly what any mainstream gamer would desire to have on a gaming monitor. Its built-in speakers provide high-quality sound which obviously takes your gaming experience to another level. Eye-Care technology has been applied to give users maximum eye protection.


  • Users are assured of better graphics free of stutter and tearing thanks to FreeSync technology by AMD and its high resolution.
  • It is quite affordable to shoppers, especially when compared with other similar monitors.


  • It comes with weak built-in speakers hence low sound quality could be a drawback to gamers.
  • The monitor has a TN panel whose performance is outdone by IPS monitors.

Bottom line

Whether you are looking for a gaming monitor or a 4K HDR monitor for professional tasks, BenQ EL2870U has all you need in one package. The combination of features makes it a high performer and an excellent choice.


About this 4k monitor

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ is a 27-inch monitor with an IPS panel which produces superior screen color and better image contrast. Its main features include a 4k ultra high definition screen which offers high-quality colors and image properties.  A monitor is a perfect option for gaming and movie watching due to its superior resolution of 3840 x 2160.

It has a fast response time of 1 ms and a pixel pitch of 0.160mm. The monitor is a high-performance display made at an advanced level of technology. Blue Light Filter is one of the technologies used to provide eye protection enabling users to work on the monitor with minimal eye strain and fatigue. It utilizes G-Sync technology in synchronizing the GPU’s frame rate and the monitor’s refresh rate. This is an important feature which ensures better imagery free of input lag, stutter and screen tearing.

To ensure robust connectivity to multiple devices, the monitor comes with dual ports for USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 and a DP 1.4the monitor has Display Port inputs.


  • The monitor offers high-quality images thanks to the G-Sync technology.
  • Gamers can play their games in the most comfortable positions due to the ergonomic stand which accommodates adjustments such as tilt and rotation.


  • For any serious gamer, 60Hz might be not enough.

Bottom line

GenerallyASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ is an above average kind of a monitor that would perform well whether you use it for professional tasks or for gaming.

Top 5: LG 27UK650-7 27 inch, 4K gaming monitor Reviews

About this 4k Gaming monitor

LG  27UK650-7 is an IPS monitor with an Ultra High Definition screen which offers a maximum display resolution of 3840. The monitor supports HDR effects and these enable users to get videos of high quality even from non-HDR materials.

Another outstanding feature is its high color quality. The 4k HDR monitor produces colors with high levels of accuracy and it’s just what any graphic designer or photographer would need.

With the AMD’s FreeSync technology, users can experience magical gaming experience with a display that is free of blurs and tearing even in objects moving at high pace. The monitors provide gamers with a smooth gaming experience through the Dynamic Action Sync application. In addition, gamers can take advantage of the Black Stabilizer feature which enables the monitor highly detailed images even during dark scenes of your favorite games or movies. All users need to do is optimize the display settings and activate the feature. Many users find the monitor suitable for use with PS pro. A 5m response time guarantees a smooth gameplay.


  • The HDR monitor produces sharp and highly detailed images.
  • It is sturdily built to offer robust performance.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with an elegant design that gives it simple but stylish look.


  • The anti-glare coat does not work well on this 4k monitor.
  • The stand is not flexible and adjustable.

Bottom line

A 4K HDR monitor is a perfect option for anyone looking for a monitor that can deliver high-quality graphics.

Top 7 Acer Predator XB271HK Reviews

About this monitor

Acer Predator XB271HK is a 27-inch ultra high definition monitor which offers a high screen resolution of 3840 x 2160. With this level of resolution, users are guaranteed of high-quality images without effects of blurring.

Multitasking is made possible with this monitor due to its widescreen display. When it comes to color quality, the monitor offers high-quality colors due to the Nvidia G-sync technology used.  For this reason, users don’t have to worry about screen tearing and other defects you will experience with other monitors.  The IPS panel makes the screen produce clear and sharp images that any gamer, graphic designer or even photographer would love to experience.

For the sake of user comfort, the monitor is designed to enable user make adjustments until they attain the best view. Tilts of -50 up to -350, rotation of up to 90 degrees and vertical adjustments of a maximum of 5 inches are possible with this monitor.


  • It consumes less power. This is made possible by LED lighting which maintains energy consumption at minimal levels.
  • For graphics enthusiasts, the 4k monitor delivers good contrast and color accuracy.


  • It’s’ costly and quite unaffordable for many shoppers.
  • Sound quality is not that good.

Bottom line

For mainstream gamersAcer Predator XB271HK may be a good choice to provide an epic gaming experience. It is also a high performer even when used for other tasks other than gaming

Top 8: 2020 Newest Premium Samsung 28 inch 4K Review

About this 4k monitor

The monitor comes packed with a good set of specifications including a TN panel with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 which offers high-quality graphics. 2020 Newest Premium Samsung has a super fast response time of 1ms, enabling users to enjoy smooth and clear views of even the swiftest objects moving on the screen. In the gaming arena, this monitor is among the leading in terms of color effects. The combination of a billion color shades and quantum dots will definitely give well-defined images free of blurring.

It has an appealing design and a stylish look that further makes your gaming experience more exciting. Other than just gaming the 4K monitor is suitable for other tasks.


  • The blend of 4k resolution and FreeSync technology offers greater image quality.
  • The Samsung monitor is of a well-known brand and worth of trust.
  • It is sturdily built and has an appealing design.
  • All its features are user-friendly.


  • It is not quite affordable for every shopper.
  • For mainstream gamers, the refresh rate of 60Hz may not be sufficient.

Bottom line

2020 Newest Premium Samsung is the kind of monitor that keeps you glued to your game for hours without getting distracted. You can catch some of the best views and clear objects on this 4K monitor.

Top 9 LG 24 UD58-B 24-inch gaming monitor Review

About this 4k monitor

LG 24 UD58-B 24” gaming monitor is yet another 4k ultra high definition monitor that has it all. With an IPS panel, the user can engage in a wide range of activities. It has a high resolution which makes it suitable for gaming and movie watching among other uses.  Anyone looking for a good display with impressive colors and high levels of sharpness, then this is the perfect choice for you. Users are assured of smooth gaming all through as transition from one scene to the other is smooth and there is no blurring and ghosting in between.

The gaming laptop utilizes advanced Free Sync technology for an out of this world gaming experience.


  • The IPS panel combined with 4K resolution feature makes the display produce highly detailed images without effects of ghosting and blurring.
  • LG is a popular and reliable brand.
  • It can serve multiple purposes and still give high performance in the different tasks.


  • It lacks built-in speakers and hence the sound quality might be a bit low.
  • Connectivity may also be a challenge as it lacks USB ports.
  • The 24-inch monitor might not be spacious enough especially for users who prefer working or gaming from a large screen.

Bottom line

LG 24 UD58-B 24 has an impressive design. It offers an immersive working experience and generally, it’s a high-performance 4K monitor.

Top 10: Acer KG281K bmiipx 28 inch gaming monitor Review

About this 4k monitor

Acer KG281K bmiipx monitor is a competitive gaming laptop that presents the user with an array of outstanding features suitable for gaming and other tasks. One of the most notable features is the ultra-high definition display with a 3840 x 2160 resolution which presents detailed and high-quality graphics. For gamers, monitor utilizes AMD free sync technology and the frame rate for your games will highly depend on the properties of graphics card used rather than the monitor’s refresh rate. Connectivity is made possible by the availability of HDMI and display ports through which you can connect to multiple devices. Gamers are guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience especially because there is no tearing. Again, users need not worry about color and smoothness of images as the monitor offer high-quality graphics due to its 10-bit support. The monitor has the capacity to capture a wide range and different shade of color ensuring that all images are sharp and appear to be more real.


  • The monitor is a high performer that can be used for gaming and for other purposes.
  • It also delivers high-quality images with better colors and contrast.


  • Its TN panel could be a drawback, especially when compared with other monitors that have superior IPS panel.

Bottom line

Acer KG281K bmiipx is gaming laptop provides users with the high-quality graphics with special consideration on color and image clarity.  It is reasonably priced and at the same time provides users with a good set of specifications for any kind of task.

LG 34UC79G-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate

This LG 34UC79G-B ($699.99) is a 34-inch, curved-screen monitor made for players wanting to curb motion artifacts, like display screen tearing and motion blur. It makes use of a good ultra-wide, In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel which has a fast 144Hz refresh rate as well as AMD’s FreeSync technology to provide an easy game playing experience, plus it delivers lots of simple and easy advanced configurations. Even though it cannot go with our Editors’ Choice extra-large-screen gaming monitor, LG’s have 38UC99-W$1,499.99 at Amazon online marketplace, when it comes to overall performance and feature set, it charges about 50 % as much, which makes it very attractive


  1. Fast refresh rate.
  2. AMD FreeSync allowed.
  3. Game-friendly characteristics.


  1. A bit skewed greens.
  2. No audio system.
  3. Measly guarantee.

What I Really Think Of this 4k 144hz Monitor

At $699.99, this LG 34UC79G-B is an excellent 4k 144hz Monitor if you’re on the lookout to do your game playing with an extra-wide, extra-large display screen. Its delicate curve maintains you close to the actions, as well as its IPS screen offers powerful grayscale performance and wide watching angles. You’ve got a strong choice of gamer-friendly characteristics with this screen, such as crosshair-aiming choices, a few gaming modes, and a motion-blur-reduction configuration, however out-of-the-box colour precision might be much better, and it does not have speakers. In the event that 34 inches of display real estate is not adequate, take a look at our Editors’ Selection for extra-large-screen video gaming monitors, the LG 38UC99-W. It is about two times the price, but provides a huge 3,840-by-1,600 38-inch IPS screen which gives outstanding performance, and it is packed with characteristics, such as a impressive Wireless bluetooth audio subsystem, USB-C connectivity, FreeSync anti-tearing technology, as well as a entire enhance of game settings.

What Current Owners say

You aren’t likely to get another 4k 144hz Monitor having 144Hz, 1ms Response Rate, in an Ultrawide format for under $700

I am pleased with this monitor for gaming. Nevertheless, because I have a tendency to do more work-from-home than gaming, I do believe I’d have been more joyful with the 34UC98-W for that higher resolution. The two displays possess Freesync support, but only the gaming monitor (34UC79G-B) offers the 144Hz refresh rate. I was initially fascinated by this 4k 144hz monitor because we have got comparable units at the workplace where I work.


This 34-inch LG 34UC79G-B, a fairly curved, ultra-wide 4k 144hz Monitor created for game play, provides lots of plug-ins and gamer-friendly configurations.

Acer S277HK wmidpp 27-inch 4K Ultra HD(3840×2160) Widescreen Display.

It is the world’s first 4k monitor. Equipped with Acer EyeProtect technology, the S7 monitor reduces eye strain and provides an experience that views comfortably. The S7 also allows users to adjust down to 15 percent brightness in low light air.

Customer review

The IPS screen is stunning. The UHD picture quality really pleases me. Besides, the colors are vibrant. I can distinguish black and white clearly. I like its fantastic minimalistic design, too. I couldn’t like it more.

It weights more than the other monitors of the same series. Along with its weight, it can display over1.07 billion colors. The monitor can be used in a more professional aspect.

The monitor is not a cheap one, but at the same time, the quality is pretty good. It has over 1.07 billion pixels, advanced ergonomic design, a widescreen and so on. I bought it for a commercial use so I required more. But to be honest, it is worth this price.

Gaming Monitor Accessories & List Table

The accessories that you add to your gaming monitor will determine the kind of gaming you experience. Some of the accessories that you can buy for your gaming monitor include screen protectors, speakers, headphones, racing wheels, joysticks and USB hubs. Strong and clear speakers are particularly good because they immerse you fully into the game. You may also need a port hub to improve connectivity to other devices and also for those who have trouble accessing the built-in ports in the course of gaming. Generally, accessories are the extra elements you attach to your gaming monitor to improve the overall performance.

What I really think of these 10 Top 4K monitor

In my opinion, the 4k monitors reviewed in this guide have all the good features that any user may want to have on a monitor. Unlike other disappointing monitors you will find out there, these ones will guarantee the best experience ever.

If I Were You, I will choose ASUS VP28UQG 28 inch gaming monitor.Here Are 3 Reasons

ASUS VP28UQG 28 inch would be my ultimate 4k monitor choice. The monitor has a good set of specifications that makes it stand out from the rest.

  1. The monitor would be perfectly meet my gaming needs because of the quality of pictures it produces. The clear and highly detailed pictures are exactly what I would need whether I’m using the monitor for movies or playing games.
  2. Secondly, the 4k monitors are a popular brand produced by a well-known company. It is, therefore, a monitor that can be trusted in terms of quality and one that can deliver.
  3. Lastly, the ASUS eye care technology is a plus especially for mainstream gamers who remain with their eyes glued to the monitors for long period of time.

Part #2 All Featured 4K Monitors

In this guide, we have compiled the top 10 4k monitors that we researched, tested and ascertained to have incredible features.  Nevertheless, there are still several other options available in the market that have different properties in terms of resolution refresh rates and response times among other features.

4K FreeSync Monitors 2020: Basic Info, Table

4K FreeSync Monitors will no doubt provide the best screen resolutions. These are the kind of monitors that utilizes adaptive synchronization, a technology developed by AMD, which supports a flamboyant refresh rate. The technology used eliminates stuttering and screen tearing.

4K 144HZ Monitors: Basic Info, Table

4K monitors with a refresh rate of 144Hz are just perfect for any gaming enthusiast. This guarantees gamers of satisfactory image quality and smooth gaming. Many manufacturing companies have released 4K monitors with 144Hz refresh rates which is a good thing for people who are interested in upgrading their monitors. It is important to note that to take advantage of the high refresh rates, you need a graphics card that has a DisplayPort 1.2 and above.

4K/UHD G-Sync Monitors: Basic Info, Table

G-Sync monitors with Ultra High Definition displays will give the high-quality graphics needed for an amazing gameplay. In the gaming arena, these monitors take lead in terms of screen resolution, refresh rates and the overall visual quality. With such great performance, 4K/UHD G-Sync Monitors are therefore a perfect choice for a gaming enthusiast.

Ultra-Wide 4K Monitors: Basic Info, Table

An Ultra Wide 4 monitor will provide you with sufficient display space enabling users to run several windows simultaneously.  For gaming purposes, these monitors provide gamers with wider viewing angles.

Brief Sum Up

Since the release of 4K monitors, many users have gained a great preference for them. This is mainly attributed to the fact that these monitors offer incredible visual quality. Images produced by these monitors are so clear that you capture even the finest details. Furthermore, many brands are now available and therefore users have a wide variety to choose from.

Most Important Features on a 4k Monitor

These include:

  • Refresh rate
  • Screen size
  • Ports and connectors
  • Price
  • G-sync/Freesync


Screen size is an important feature to consider before purchasing a 4k monitor.  Look out for an ideal size that will perfectly fit into the available desk space. A screen size below 24 inches may be disappointing especially for mainstream gamers. It is important that you go for 24-inch monitor or above.  Anything in the range of 27” to 34” would be just fine and will give users a satisfactory gaming experience with a 4k screen resolution.


Ports and connectors are useful especially because of connectivity to other devices. It is, therefore, necessary that you check for the availability of ports and connectors on the 4k monitor. Also, check for the presence of display port adapter of the compatible version on the gadget you intend to connect to your monitors as well as on the monitor itself. 


Refresh rate determines the pace with which a monitor refreshes the images on the display.  Monitors with high refresh rates are more preferable because they offer smooth gaming with minimal lag time. At the moment, you can only find 4k monitors with a refresh rate of 60Hz on the higher limit. High refresh rates tend to put much strain on the Display port 1.2 as well as on graphics cards.  A 4k monitor operating at 100Hz response rate can only be accommodated by GTX 1080 SLI. But the good news is a 60 Hz monitor supporting G-sync has the capacity to offer users remarkable gaming experience.


Free sync and G-sync are two similar synchronization technologies recently introduced to the industry by NVIDIA and AMD respectively. The technologies are used on 4k monitors to prevent screen defects called screen stuttering, input lag and tearing. Both technologies serve the same purpose of synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with that of graphics cards thus providing users with smooth gameplay. Freesync can support a wide range of features on a standard monitor without affecting the gaming performance.


Finally, the price of monitors available in the market will vary depending on different factors including level of technology used, brand, screen resolution and size of screen among other factors. You, therefore, need to identify the kind of monitor with desired specifications and one that will best suit your needs and budget for it.

Mistakes to Avoid when selecting a gaming monitor

While shopping for a monitor to use for gaming and other users, you need to be very careful to make serious mistakes that may leave you frustrated and disappointed. Rather than just considering the price, you need to look out for certain features that determine the performance of your monitor in gaming and other uses. If you intend to use the monitor for gaming, then don’t just consider screen resolution. Avoid monitor with low response rates and refresh rates. You also need to check on whether the gaming profiles are customizable.  Avoid monitors whose contrast ratio, brightness, and other settings cannot be adjusted depending on the kind of game one wants to play.

1080p vs. 4k, why 4k is better than 1080 p?

1080p and 4k are two terms used to refer to different screen resolution levels. The designations 4k and 1080p remain a puzzle to many shoppers interested in owning monitors for their different applications.  To make the terms clear and simple to understand, 4K simply means 3840 x 2160pixels which are approximately four thousand horizontal pixels wide display.

1080p represents high definition (HD) screen resolution while 4k refers to Ultra High definition (UHD). The main difference between the two is that 4k offers relatively higher screen resolution than in the case of 1080p. When the two are compared, 4k offers greater screen resolution which is twice the number of rows and columns as the number in 1080p.

To be more precise, 4k UHD provides 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels while 1080p HD has 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels.  The 4K panel offers a total of 8 million pixels while the 1080 p offers 2 million. This means that 4K resolution is four times higher than the ones provided by 1o80p monitor.

Resolving detail

The main advantage that comes with 4K monitors is their ability to reproduce clear and highly detailed pictures. The sharpness and clarity of images appearing on the screen depending on a monitor’s resolution. Nearly all applications on your monitor will require with high resolution. Whether you want to use your monitor for watching movies or gaming, screen resolution will determine the quality of images you view on your screen. 4k UHD panels are more suitable for larger panels than 1080p. This is mainly attributed to high pixel density in the former. The 1080p monitor is likely to produce blurred pictures since the pixels are stretched over a wide display hence lower pixel density. The higher the pixel density on a monitor, the sharper and clearer the images are likely to be

Scaling down

Some instances require scaling down of high-resolution videos to lower resolution. Whenever a 4k UHD resolution is scaled down to 2k resolution, more detailed and high-quality pictures are produced. In fact, the pictures produced are of higher quality than those obtained from originally recorded 2k videos. Anyone in need of highly detailed images whether in video recording or for movie watching, then 4k is a perfect choice.

Closer viewing

An additional advantage of 4K is that users enjoy high-quality visuals even at closer view range. With the high resolution offered by 4k monitors, users have the pleasure of watching their favorite movies or even playing games at a close range while the high quality of images is maintained.

The Future of 4K Monitor

4K monitors are gaining popularity at a very high rate and this has been attributed to the high number of benefits they have to offer.  When compared with 1080p monitors, 4K is far much better in terms of performance hence the high preference. Unlike in the past when the market was characterized by low screen resolutions translating to poor visual quality, today users have numerous options.

The market is now saturated with 4k monitors which is a good thing, especially because the prices of these monitors have gradually gone down. These monitors are continually becoming more affordable and in the near future, anyone will be able to afford an upgrade on their gaming station.

Read Gaming Monitor Ultimate Guide

On this guide, we have provided our readers with information about top 10 4k monitors that we felt would be helpful even to the first time 4k monitor shoppers. For further reading, we recommend gaming monitor ultimate guide which will equip you with all the details on 4k gaming monitors that you need to arrive at the most appropriate decision on the what to purchase.


From the above mentioned 4k gaming monitor types, shoppers are at liberty to choose the one that suits their needs best. With the current state of the 4k monitors market, it is obvious that buyers are spoilt for choice for the wide variety available to choose from.