Best 27 Inch Monitor: 20 Top Lists & Ultimate Guide (2019 Updated)

Big monitors are usually an advantage if you are gamer. The 27 inch monitors will give you a better perspective of what is going on in the game and as such you will have more control over it. The market today offers a wide range of monitors and took the liberty of making the list of some of the 20 best 27 inch monitors out there.


Quick Tips: Before Your Reading

Before you go and buy your 27 inch monitor you will really need to set your expectations. You must figure out what do you expect from the monitor and what would be the main purpose of buying it. Also, spending more money doesn’t always mean that you will get a better product.

What’re Your needs

Just like I said above, figure out the main purpose of buying this kind of monitor and set your budget. If you don’t have a big budget, then you can’t expect to get the most perfect monitor out there. The good news is that there are some cheap ones that will surprise you with their features.

27 Inch Monitor? The real Consideration

Probably the biggest consideration would be how much space it will take from your desk. Another consideration is the image, as the 27 inch is a big one and if there are some issues with the image you will certainly notice them. Being so big, most of them come with ultra-thin design and even a possibility of being put on the wall.

How We Picked Or Tested

The main focus while picking these monitor was the clarity of the picture and second focus was on the design. Being a gamer you would always the clearest picture and while some say that their product offer true HDR, not all actually do meet that expectation. About the design, I wanted to focus more on the ones with an ultra-thin design, as those will take up as little space as possible.

Editors’ Choice: ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz 1ms DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming LED-Lit Monitor 27″

About This ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz Monitor

This monitor is offering Full HD with 1920×1080, the monitor is fully responsive thanks to the ASUS’ game fast input. The Eye Care technology is there to prevent your eyes from getting fatigued and the stand will help you adjust the monitor according to your likings. With this monitor, you will not need external speakers as there are the 2W built-in speakers that provide a full sound. You will have the Game Plus and the Exclusive Game visual for better color performances and control. The monitor also has the FreeSync technology that adds to the Eye Care technology for careless marathon gaming sessions. The monitor has 1mn response time thus making every second countable. The ergonomic design will take your gaming experience to some higher level.


  1. Gamers really like the 144Hz that makes the gaming sessions more enjoyable and immersive.
  2. The stand being adjustable only adds to the comfort, especially if you are spending long hours on the computer.
  3. The Eyecare technology, that consists of the FreeSync and the Flicker-free functions come useful as they protect your eyes from getting irritated and fatigued.


  1. Some users have noticed the backlighting being uneven and the brightness is decreasing as you go from top to the bottom of the screen.

Bottom Line

This monitor really does the job and it has some awesome features. Maybe the price of 300 dollars is a bit too much, as there are some issues with the monitor. All in all, it is a good buy unless you are very anal about brightness and contrast.

Top2 Sceptre 27″ Curved 75Hz LED Monitor Reviews

About This Sceptre 27″ Curved 75Hz LED Monitor

This 27’’ monitor has a curved display for a revolutionary image experience; the shape of the monitor will make the image with more depth and the whole experience will be immersive. This monitor is compatible with Windows 10 and as such, it is also compatible with Windows 7, 8 and XP. The monitor comes with few ports such as HDMI, VGA, speakers, and DisplayPort. The response time is pretty decent and it’s 5ms so that all the activities will be transferred to the screen in no time. Another feature is the VESA mount that will help you put the monitor on the wall for better visibility and more space. There is a port for speakers, as I mentioned above, but you might not need them as the monitor has built-in speakers.


  1. The VESA mount would be one of the top pros because thanks to this feature you can save up some space and you can adjust the monitor for better visibility.
  2. Even though this item is lightly weighted it has a sturdy design.
  3. The set up is very easy and it meets the gamers’ needs.


  1. The built-in speakers are not the best and you might actually need external ones.
  2. The quality of the picture could be better.

Bottom Line

For the 160 dollars, which is the price of this monitor, I feel that it lives up to its expectations. The monitor has some cool features and the VESA mount is probably one of the top ones. I believe this is an item that you should give a try.

Top3 HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor Reviews

About This HP 27er, 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

This monitor offers no bezel encircling to the display and ultra-wide viewing angle that provide multi-monitor set-ups.  The 178 degrees of vertical and horizontal viewing angles make the image clear no matter of which position you are looking at it. The display is in Full HD and as such it provides crisp and brilliant images. The HP’s My Display will help you save the preferred settings on the software.  All the ports are easily accessed, thus making things easier for you. The design is sleek and it is HP’s thinnest LCD display. For a low price of about 183 dollars, you are receiving a monitor with vibrant and crisp image quality. This monitor is also energy efficient and as such, it is also environmentally friendly.


  1. The bezel-less design will maximize the user’s viewing area.
  2. The display is ultra slim and as such, it saves up space.
  3. The set up is a breeze and that is always a good feature.


  1. When it comes to doing activities like reading, this monitor is not the best as the text appears blurry.

Bottom Line

I would say that for the price of around 183 dollars this monitor meets its expectations. The display seems to be very good for gaming purposes, maybe not so much for reading though. The design is ultra slim so it will not consume a lot of space. I guess if you only need it for games, you should definitely give it a try.

Top4 SCEPTRE 27 Inch IPS Ultra 4K LED Monitor Reviews

About This SCEPTRE 27 Inch IPS Ultra 4K LED Monitor

This monitor for the price of 200 dollars is offering a contrast that is impressive, unreal color variations and details thanks to the 4K (3840×2160) resolution. What makes this monitor better than the 1080p ones are the 8 million pixels. The monitor also comes with several ports like two for HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort. The DisplayPort is a versatile display connection that delivers audio and video with an ease. The HDMI one is for delivering high-definition to the screen and the DVI for providing digital and analog content. This monitor is compatible with Windows 10 and as such, it is also compatible with the earlier versions of Windows 7, 8 and XP. This monitor also has built-in speakers.


  1. For the price that you would usually get a monitor with 1080p you are actually receiving one with 4K resolution.


  1. Users have reported that they have troubles with dead pixels even after a short period of usage.
  2. The monitor has a strong hot plastic smell.
  3. The monitor also develops lines and it is flickering after some period of using.

Bottom Line

I honestly don’t know what to say about his item. Some users are satisfied with it, while others have had very bad experience with it. The price is not too high, but still, you want to get your money worth. I guess if you don’t want to gamble with this product it is better to spend your money on some other product.

Top5 HP Pavilion 27-inch FHD IPS Monitor Reviews

About This HP Pavilion 27-inch FHD IPS Monitor

Now, this monitor is really a cutie pie, it is thin, accessible and modern and the main colors are silver and white. This product offers awesome 178-degree angles so that you will be able to see every single detail from all possible angles. All across the diagonal screen, there is high-color fidelity which is consistent thanks to the IPS technology. The clarity and the colors of the image are impeccable thanks to the Full HD with 1920×1080 resolutions with 2 million pixels; the contrast ratio is 10m: 1. The response time is rather quick with 8ms. The monitor also comes with HDMI and VGA ports that are easily accessed. The display is frameless and there no bezel encircling the display. There is also an anti-glare panel which will prevent the sun or some other lights to mess with your eyes.


  1. Full HD display with clear image, thanks to the 2 million pixels and 10m:1 contrast ratio.
  2. Awesome 178-degrees viewing angles, so no matter from which angle you are looking at the screen, the image will be impeccable.
  3. A quick response time of 8ms.


  1. There are no built-in speakers, so you will need external ones.

Bottom Line

I definitely would recommend this monitor. For the price of 177 dollars, you are receiving a very nice product that offers a lot. The image is of high quality and the design is thin so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desktop. The only disadvantage is that there are no built-in speakers, but for me personally, that is not a big issue since there a lot more advantages to this monitor.

Top6 BenQ GL2760H 27 inch FHD 1080p 2ms Gaming Monitor Reviews

About This BenQ GL2760H 27 inch FHD 1080p Monitor

The designers really wanted to make a monitor that is really responsive, so they made this one with 2ms response time. The monitor also has the Blue Light Technology which helps when you are spending long hours on the computer as it prevents eye fatigue and you will be able to prolong your computer hours. The dynamic contrast ratio is 12M:1, which makes the image smooth and clear. The monitor also comes with few ports such as HDMI, DVI, D-sub and one headphone lack and there are no built-in speakers. This product is also energy efficient and as such, it is saving power and your money. This monitor’s design is slim bezel.


  1. The Blue Light technology plus the flicker-free technology really help your eyes and they make a huge difference when using the computer.
  2. It has great resolution, which is surprising since it is a rather cheap product.


  1. As I mentioned above this monitor doesn’t come with built-in speakers and it also does not have a microphone input.

Bottom Line

I guess this is a good buy, especially if you are on the budget. For the 150 dollars, you are receiving a rather decent monitor, which can be a good starting point for you. Bear in mind that there are no built-in speakers and there is no microphone input.

Top7 Dell U Series 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor Reviews

About This Dell U Series 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

Thanks to Dell’s HDR this monitor combines better depth of the colors, the clarity is unbelievable and the image is so realistic thanks to wide contrast range. The screen is 4K and the bezels are very thin so that your view can be seamless. The monitor comes with factory calibration report, which assures you that you will get true color intensity with every single one of these monitors. The Easy Arrange feature will help stay organized while using multiple tasks as it will let you tile and look at applications side by side.


  1. This monitor has several ports such as audio out, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, mini DisplayPort, and 4 x USB 3.0 ports.
  2. The monitor can be tilted, swirled and pivot adjusted.
  3. The design is just beautiful and the bezels are ultra thin.


  1. Users have noticed a backlight bleed after a short period of using.
  2. Many of the users have doubts about how “true” the HDR is.

Bottom Line

From what I read from the reviews, this monitor is a good product, but there are some issues that the designers should have worked on better. The price is 450 dollars so you wouldn’t expect such issues, yet they exist. Anyways, the monitor, in general, is a good product, but I don’t know if it is worth 450 dollars.

Best 27 Inch Curved Monitors Of 2018

Top #1 MSI Gaming Monitor 27-Inch Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 144HZ Monitor Review

You must have never imagined a monitor with a curved screen! This MSI Gaming Monitor is such a curved-screen one. Also, compared with 24 inches monitors, this 27-inch monitor offers a much clearer and virtual vision. This gaming monitor also equipped with 144HZ so you can be at ease with its fluency.

The Reasons to Buy This Curved 27 Inch monitor

178 Degree Wide Viewing Angle: You may not see the difference directly between it and other monitors but it comforts you more than others.

Optimized with MSI Desktops: It can utilize up to 7 different modes when used with an MSI desktop

True color: Optix G27C provides the most detailed and realistic image possible with over 20% coverage.

Something You May Not Like

For some devices ( probably the old one), the FreeSync range is 90-144hz not 30-144hz.

What Current Owners Say This 144HZ Monitor

I spent days studying gaming monitors and at first I bought a Samsung CF591 but after I got this, I took the Samsung back. A curved screen is so amazing that I would love to use it more. And FreeSync is excellent and I enjoyed my high-definition games. This 144hz monitor is extremely picky.

Bottom Line

Curved screen, 144hz high definition and reasonable price are all MSI monitors’ belonging, so MSI gaming monitor must be a top pick by all means.

Best 27 Inch 165hz Gaming Monitors Of 2018

ASUS PG278QR 27-Inch 1ms 165Hz G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Screen LCD Monitor Review

For the optimized speed and the best image, we select automatically the best response time and refresh rate. It boasts a 165Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time for tear-free gameplay.

The Reasons to Buy This 165Hz Monitor

Game-grade ergonomics: Be bored with the traditional way of sitting well to play, try this, you can choose any poses, as you like. You will never feel so comfortable.

NVIDIA G-SYNC: with its help, you can jump and run as you like in the gameplay, you will almost never see the screen stuttering.

ASUS Eye Care Technology: Your eyes are protected by the ASUS Eye Care Technology with blue light filter and flicker-free backlighting.

165Hz Monitor: With this 165Hz refresh rate, you will find that this would have been so clear.

Something You May Not Like

There are several ports you have to connect them in the right way before your enjoyable playing.

What Current Owners Say This 165Hz Monitor

I play my games in a dark room but usually have the brightness pretty low to not hurt my eyes. I am currently running this monitor at 25% brightness and it is beautiful. The colors pop very well and the build quality is amazing. Everything about it is perfect. The specifications speak for themselves and it is by far the smoothest monitor I have ever owned. I have ran the UDPix application and tested every color with no stuck or dead pixels. The stand is very sturdy and easy to adjust. The build quality just seems superb.

Bottom Line

Reasonable price, extremely fast speed, and comfortable user experience, what are you waiting for? Just buy this 165Hz Monitor.

Best 27 Inch FreeSync Monitors Of 2018

Top#1 ASUS 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

For the player, it is important to have a good game accessory, and a monitor is one of the most important parts. The ASUS 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor is specifically designed for game players who have high requirements on the parts, With the development of science and technology, the game is running more and more memory, the fuzzy phenomenon is easy to appear in the intense game, but the monitor has fast refresh rate, it will let us have a smooth gaming experience..

The Reasons to Buy This 27 Inch FreeSync Monitor

Seamless visual effects: The ASUS 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor has a high refresh rate, it will give you a Comfortable visual effect.

Comfortable angle: The ASUS 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor can adjust the height and rotate, it is very convenient.

High resolution: this ASUS 144hz Monitor has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, It can show tiny details.

Something You May Not Like

The color of the display is a bit shabby.

What Current Owners Said This 

I like the design of the display, it can adjust the height, when I play the game, it will not appear fuzzy phenomenon, it is worth to buy with this price.


This ASUS 144hz Monitor is suitable for the players, ba=ecause it give us comfortable visua effect and it’s price is very reasonable.

Best 27 Inch 144hz Gaming Monitor Of 2018

Those 27 inch monitor which support 144hzrefresh rate, typically rate high on the market, I know you are looking for the best 27 inch144hz monitor for your gaming or computer needs, And that makes clear why we’ve started to see the most well-liked 27 monitors on the market 2018, Nicely, The best cheap 27 inch monitors outlined below show our favs of the ones we have reviewed, Go with the best rated 27 inch monitor which is good for you.

Top#1 BenQ ZOWIE 27″ 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

The design of the monitor is very personalized, it can be adjusted to the height, as long as you use your fingers to press the button to adjust the height of the display. The BenQ Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate, ultra fast response time, so you can feel the happy game experience at home. The monitor also increases the ease of eye fatigue, it can help you stay happy for a long time.

The Reasons to Buy This 27 Inch 144hz Monitor

Maintain lasting comfort: This Benq 144hz Monitor is able to maintain a lasting comfort because the screen has a built-in eye protection.

Personalize Viewing Angles: This is a very flexible monitor, you can use the button to adjust the height of the display.

No flash: The LCD screen the BenQ Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor is used to reduce the reflection.

Something You May Not Like

The Benq 144hz Monitor does not have varied kinds of colors.

What The Current Owners Said

I have been looking for a high resolution and large screen display, because large display can see a wider field of vision, so I am pleased to see that it is on display in the asion, worth the price.


The BenQ Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor’s Personalized design attracted a lot of game enthusiasts.

Top#2 BenQ ZOWIE XL2730 Reviews- 27 inch 144Hz eSports Gaming Monitor, 1440p

This BenQ XL2730 is a high performance 27 inch gaming monitor. It is built for competitive FPS game play. The 27-inch screen is well designed with the latest Motion Blur Reduction technology. Its Gaming-comfort Zero Flicker, Low Blue Light and Display Pilot feature delivers viewing comfort, agile performance and convenience. With faster response times, improved resolutions and quicker refresh rates, you are allowed to enjoy your victory and entertainment at your room.

The Reasons to Buy This 27 Inch 1440P 1440 HZ Monitor

  • Specially Design: The external controller with preset buttons can be used for your work gaming or entertainment use.
  • Total Visibility: Dark scenes are brightened without over-exposing the bright areas to preserve vital details.
  • Exclusive FPS Mode: The Exclusive FPS Mode allows you to adjust your monitor settings easily and offers you with optimal contrast, brightness sharpness and color tint.
  • Others: Smart Scaling and highly flexible Display Mode.

Something You May Not Like

The only nvidia feature of this monitor is nvidia 3d vision.

What Current Owners Said this BenQ 27 Inch Monitor

I bought this 27 monitor 3 months ago and have found this monitor is quite functional. I have

not noticed any defects. Its color was very wonderful and the display had no dead pixels. I was pleased with this product.

Bottom line

This BenQ XL2720Z 27 monitor has the newest technical features and can deliver perfect agile performance and view comfort. This wonderful monitor is best for your entertainment and victory.

Best 27 Inch 4K Monitor Of 2018

Judging from the price, the display, the display resolution maximum, the item weight and so on, this 27 4k monitors list will give you a close look at the monitor.

Top #1 Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor.

The product has extensive digital connectivity, advanced exchange service and will enable productivity. Full of Eco-conscious design, it makes our air greener. Also, the material is pretty good. Besides, the unique design, it can protect our eyes better in every angle.

The Reasons to Buy This 27 Inch 4K Monitor

Vision in extraordinary detail: This is because of its unique technical design. Full HD with four times, over 8 million pixels and so on are all its features.

Adjustable angle: There is a brilliant design behind the screen so that you can adjust the angle to where you feel comfortable.

Environmental material: Made with premium-quality materials, the monitor has arsenic-free glass, a mercury-free LED panel and recycled materials. So you don’t have to doubt its quality.

All-digital connectivity: You can connect it with other device with guarantee the picture quality.

Customer review

I bought the monitor because of its high pixels and vision in detail. I’d like to use it to deal with the pictures and to watch the videos. The adjustable angle makes my neck satisfied. I will introduce it to my friends.

Best Dell 27 Inch Monitor Of 2018

No matter what your requirements or spending budget, there exists a monitor to choose from which is just made for you. Take a look at our top choices below. To find out more, read How We Tested Dell Monitors.

Top#1 Dell S2715H 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

This one is from the Dell S-Series. Different from the E-Series, it does it better at enhancing home entertainment fun. It has awesome features, including crystal clear audio and visual. What’s more, its expansive screen provides you with a widescreen viewing. It is so great for every home entertainment setting.It is so brilliant enough to engage with your world.

The Reasons to Buy This Dell 27 Inch, Monitor

  • It attracts you the most that are a captivating configuration.It has a lot of functions like full HD and built-in audio speakers.The S2715H is also optimized for your ultimate entertainment.
  • And it uses seamless connectivity.This beautiful technology can connect to the smart devices, which can adjust your display and make it is perfectly fit with VESA compatibility.

Customer reviews

  • In my opinion,it is the best value monitor for you.I regret I get my monitor from another retailer because Amazon can offer me a bonus.
  • Most manufactures have put out the WQHD monitors,but their prices are so high that we cannot afford. However,we can get it cheaper on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Compared to the former 24-inch monitor, it is much more expensive. The list price is about $700. But now it is introduced preferential policies. You can get it just about $400.

Top#2 DELL UltraSharp 27 inch 16:9 2K QHD K Widescreen LCD IPS Monitor 

Your monitor plays an important role in the gaming experience, watching TV, handling work and chatting with others. Every aspect of your personal life can be affected when your monitor goes wrong. When you are confronted with purchasing a new monitor, you must have taken it seriously. The most important for you is to taking full advantages of the expensive hardware so that your monitor can deliver a good performance.I would highly recommend this Dell Ultra HD 27 Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor to you. You should be aware of this best gaming monitor if you really need a great monitor. Maybe this cheap 27-inch gaming monitor under 500 dollars can be your best partner in your life.

The Reasons to Buy This 27 Inch IPS Monitor

SPECIAL SCREEN DEFINITION: The Dell Ultra HD 27 Inch Screen Monitor features high resolution and 8 million pixels, which allows you to see the smallest details with the Monitor.

WONDERFUL COLOR ACCURACY: You will see each color all keep their own characteristic, and they are presented a natural color in front of you.

FREELY ADJUSTABLE: The Dell Ultra HD provide each comfortable anglers meet all your needs, included support can be titled and swivel and also can freely adjust high support and customize your own viewing experience.

BIG SCREEN: This 27-inch Gaming monitor is designed for users with a broad viewing angle,it is capable of displaying a vivid picture for you.

Something You May Not Like

POOR EFFECT OF SINGLE LAMP: The color mixing effect is not good, the angle of view is not big, the horizontal direction and left and the right angle has the chromatic aberration.

What Current Owners Said This Dell Monitor

The Dell Ultra 27Inch Screen was very useful and multi-functional, I am really satisfied with the freely adjust viewing angle and high screen clarity, the big screen was clear and I have fallen in love with it!

I bought the Dell Monitor after seeing the product was on sale,I really liked the monitor because of its special design,it usually gave me a natural feeling when I saw the pictures,I was very lucky to have a Monitor in my home, you were worth to have it!

Bottom Line

Currently,all the information about this Dell Ultra HD 27 Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor is available on can click here to see whether there is a big discount on this 27-inch monitor under 500 dollars

Best ASUS 27 Inch Monitor Of 2018

Regardless of whether you’re searching for an ASUS monitor on the low or high end of the range, you’ll make sure to discover the best-fitted by reading the following top picks

Asus VG248QE 27-Inch LED-Lit Gaming Monitor under $300

This kind of monitor can run smoothly clear out the chaos with 1ms (GTG) response time and 144Hz rapid refresh rate. It can deliver the best performance for movie playback and fluid gaming and. Besides,it is equipped with GamePlus featuring the built-in timer function to keep track of game times.

The Reasons to Buy This Asus 27 Inch Monitor

  • Providing the most comfort
  • Smooth motion playback for games and movies.
  • To enhance your gaming, this monitor is designed with GamePlus which displays in-game timers and a crosshair overlay.
  • In order to get a true-to-life image, brightest whites and the darkest blacks are delivered by its 80,000,000:1 ASUS smart contrast ratio.

What The Current Owners Said This ASUS MONITOR

It was an excellent monitor for its price! I have bought this gaming monitor for a year and It still performs well. Its colors are brilliant and look great!It runs smoothly with very low power consumption.I love it !

Bottom Line

With this gaming monitor, you can play as fast as you can. because the monitor can shorten the time it takes as much as possible for rendered frames to display on its screen. For greater convenience, it can help you short your waiting time for its ASUS Rapid Replacement cross-shipping.

Best HP 27 Inch Monitor Of 2018

Top#1 Hp 27 Inch IPS FHD Business Flagship Edition Monitor

With Acer’s best budget 27 Inch Monitor, you could find a balance between the price and the performance. There are many things to consider when buying Best Budget 27 Inch Monitor For PC. The price may be the one of the most important things that you may think. The 27 inch Acer monitor only costs $169.99 now, and it is a good time to make an order!

The Reasons to Buy This HP 27 INCH MONITOR

HIGH DEFINITION: The monitor is also designed to have a high definition of 1920 x 1080. The screen diagonal size is 27’’ of G-Series. The stunning resolution really gives you the supreme enjoyment of the display on the screen.

RAPID RESPONSE: The shorter the response time is, the better the performance of displaying moving images and pictures is. The 6ms response time could really reduce the deviations for the transition of high-quality pictures and motions.

MULTI-INPUT: With high bandwidth digital content protection, the DVI-D input can provide the access to displaying high-quality films and media limited to copy-protected rights. This feature is truly practical for film lovers.

SUPER-SLIM PROFILE: The 27 inches screen size outlook and the super-slim profile makes the product so eye-catching. Just look at the overall profile of the monitor, the LED screen with the slim profile is one highlight that you just cannot leave away.

Something You May Not Like

HDMI PORT UNAVAILABLE: The G-Series 27’’ monitor doesn’t include the HDMI port. For the people who love HDMI, this may be a bad news. However, the high resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the rapid 6ms response all guarantee the quality of the pictures and motions displaying on the screen.


Actually, I am a senior PC game lover, and I just want to find some best monitors for the games. Acer’s 27 Inch Monitor is really wonderful equipment and it is perfectly nice for the job. BY Emily Bergstrom

The colors on the screen are really very brilliant and the contrast ratio of the monitor is also great. All of the things are defined clearly on the screen, which is so wonderful and so enjoyable. BY Corey Powell

TOP#1 Best HP 27 Inch Monitor:HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor

This one is also from HP, but this is a 27-inch screen size. It also uses the native resolution 1920 x 1080, which can support you the best pictures. Its response time is 8 milliseconds so quick that you cannot feel the quality delay. It uses the advantage technology of HP IPS with LED backlight. Besides so many specifications, you can get a warranty. It will be protected by an HP 1-year limited warranty.

The Reasons to Buy This HP 27 Inch Monitor

  • It has amazing angles and consistent high-color fidelity. It uses IPS technology with a 27-inch screen. You can see it clearly from any angle.
  • It is also a distinctively modern monitor and accessible.
  • Because it uses full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution so that it has captivating imagery.

Customer reviews

  • From the design, it looks a minimalist monitor with nothing on the bezel to take away or distract. And its bezel-less has been a big feature as an advertisement.
  • It looks great and performs well. What’s more, it is easy to control.

Bottom Line

Believe it or not, although it is a 27-inch monitor, its price will be amazing for you. Do you wonder how much it is? Be quick to put it into your cart.

Best BenQ 27 Inch Monitor

Top #1 BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

Nowadays, people have a higher expectation about their monitor. For a game enthusiast, it is especially important for them to get the right gaming monitor. If you are struggling to make a decision, you can have a look at the BenQ RL2755HM 27 inch monitor for gaming. This gaming monitor is designed especially for gaming and is equipped with powerful hardware. Its clear widescreen is capable of providing you with comfortable gaming experience and you can get rid of eye fatigue even if you play games for a long time. This guide has much information about this item and you are required to finish it so that you can make a right decision.

The Reasons to Buy This Benq 27 Inch Monitor

Rapid response time: Its 1ms fast response time is best for ultra smooth console gaming experience.

Color Vibrance: In order to meet personal color preferences, it is equipped with the color vibrancy that allows easy setting.

Black eQualizer: This item is well equipped with Black eQualizer that can provide visual clarity in dark scenes.

High contrast ratio: This monitor is designed with high contrast ratio and you can be provided with vivid images.

Something You May Not Like

The refresh rate is at only 75hz and not all the game enthusiast think it is high enough to not have lag.

What Current Owners Said This BenQ RL2755HM 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming

It is simply awesome and this is my first monitor bought on item is designed with good graphics and the screen won’t hurt your eyes.Moreover the price is acceptable and I was very pleased with this purchasing.

I have used this monitor for one year and there is no problems with it at all.I got rid of any eye strains after playing for hours every day. The images is clear and very smooth. Its colors are also perfect.

Bottom Line

Nowadays ,there are more and more monitors comes out and you can be confused by countless of options. If you don’t make a right choice,you will be regret for a long time. the BenQ RL2755HM 27 inch monitor can be a perfect monitor designed for gaming. You can not miss this monitor and you can get it on

If I Were You, I will Choose ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz 1ms DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming LED-Lit Monitor, Here Are 3 Reasons

  1. If you are a gamer you will like the 144Hz, which makes the gaming sessions more enjoyable and immersive.
  2. The stand is adjustable, which adds to the comfort, especially when you do long gaming or working sessions.
  3. The Eyecare technology with the FreeSync and the Flicker-free functions come useful as they protect your eyes from getting irritated and fatigued.

Ready for Our best 27-inch monitor Recommendations?

Besides the ASUS Full HD 1080p 144Hz 1ms DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming LED-Lit Monitor, another one that really meets its expectations is the HP Pavilion 27-inch FHD IPS Monitor. The HP Pavillion also offers a clear image, 8ms response time and the cost of 177 dollars is quite affordable.


As you can see the market offers a nice range of 27-inch monitors. Most of them focus on the clarity of the picture, but not all are successful in that field. What you need to do before you go and buy one is to really think what you want and expect from the monitor and how much you are willing to spend on it. There some cheap ones that can really surprise you so bear that in mind.