Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 Dollars(Top 10 Lists & Reviews)

A monitor is an essential gaming part, but it usually receives less attention from the buyers. Many people set aside large shares for the internals like a faster GPU and a good productive CPU. However, there are fantastic and affordable best gaming monitors under 200 dollars and can provide excellent performance for your gaming needs. The gaming monitors under 200 we have evaluated in this guide are not low in status when compared to their performance and cost ratio, though we must admit that they do not come with those extra specs and features you might with those extra specs and features you might be looking.


That hardcore performance are not expected from these gaming monitors under $200 since you also acquire what your price got you. Most of these monitors were not purposefully built for the serious gaming but instead for the general use, just happened that they have the right features for gaming. The following shows the general features contained in these range of monitors;

  • Befitting monitors with both Twisted Nematic(TN) and In-plane switching(IPS) panel
  • Good response times
  • Various connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, audio and headphones jacks.
  • Up to 24-inch screen size
  • Resolution of 1080 pixels


The following are the best nine gaming monitors under $200 in the year 2018;

  1. Dell SE2417HG 24” 1080p TN
  2. Acer R240HY 24” 1080p IPS
  3. Acer GN246HL 24” 1080p TN
  4. Asus VN248H-P 24” 1080p IPS
  5. Asus VG245H 24” 1080p TN
  6. BenQ Zowie RL2455 24” 1080p TN
  7. BenQ GW2760HS 27” 1080p VA
  8. Dell SE2717H 27” 1080p IPS
  9. LG 25UM57 24” 1080p UltraWide IPS


It is quite challenging in finding the best choice for a gaming monitor but if you consider some of these factors they will help.

  • Display panel

There are several types of panel technology for different monitors such as Twisted Nematic (TN), In-plane switching (IPS), Vertical Alignment (VA), etc. The most widely used is the TN and the IPS.TN is incorporated in many monitors because it is cheap.

  • Screen size

For a better view, of course, I will go for a monitor that is not less than 24 inches. This size will go very well with a full HD resolution for my gaming experience.

  • Refresh rate

This is the number of times in a second a monitor refreshes the displayed images on the screen, and it is measured in Hertz(Hz). Most of the best-picked monitors are at 60Hz though you might prefer other results depending on your GPU and different monitor settings.



If you have a budget of 200 dollars or less, then we recommend the Asus VG245H as your best choice gaming monitor.


It has a basic design with sleek touches that make it very attractive. The stand is adjustable whereby you can pull it upwards and downwards by 5 inches. It has a hole running through the stand to enable your cabling.

For the connectivity, the monitor has two HDMI ports, a VGA input, and both audio in and headphone jack. On the right side, the screen has buttons for changing your display modes.

The monitor which is 24 inches has a magnificent display of color with a 75 Hertz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It has a maximum screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

The monitor is built with 2 watt speakers which are loud enough for your audio experience. It has unique features with six Game visual presets and modes like an RQB mode which is more neutral, high contrast in cinema mode, increased visibility and reduced input lag when in racing and FPS modes.

This gaming monitor comes with AMD FreeSync, which enables for less screen tearing and provides smooth overall performance for those with AMD graphics cards. Not many monitors have this feature and are going for the said price thus giving it a plus in its value.

The gaming monitor also offers several Gameplus features designed to supplement the games you are playing. It enables activation of frame rate counter, a timer and a tool for display alignment which lines up these monitors with other monitors.

Bottom line

Considering the features and specs it has, and then this Asus VG245H is an excellent product for its level. The monitor sneaks in the some of the features found in more expensive ones. It is worth the price and the best indeed.


This monitor was found to be the best because it was outstanding in various aspects as explained below.

It has an ergonomic design that is attractive and impressive that allows it to function in any setup. It offers a fast response times and a 1080p with a display of decent colors.

Its interface is easy to use with some added features like AMD FreeSync support. All these can be acquired by just under $200 which is worth the value.

TOP1 ACER GN246HL 3D Gaming monitor

Acer GN246HL is a full HD with 3D. It is a 24 inch widescreen with a stand which is x-shaped that allows it to fit in most spaces regardless of size. The design is sleek with a fantastic performance with eco-friendly energy use. It has a screen resolution of 1920*1080p that gives superb detail making it suitable for HD gaming. A 1ms response time keeps its motion pictures sharp. Compatibility is excellent supporting HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs. It delivers an outstanding gaming experience by supporting 144Hz refresh rate.


  • Widescreen with full HD resolution. The monitor has 24-inch screen size display with a 1920*1080p which gives a stunning detail making it suitable for a widescreen HD gaming, productivity, and multimedia.
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Connectivity for HDMI, DVI, and VGA to allow compatibility with your gaming consoles and other devices
  • High image quality supported by 1ms response times
  • Has NVIDIA 3D lightboost providing 3D images.
  • Very efficient and is reasonably cheap.


  • The brightness is very high
  • Does not have any speakers

Bottom line

It is a remarkable product for those on a budget. The monitor is worth the price value for your gaming experience.


The Acer Nitro 5 is gaming laptop that has a core i5 latest having the core i7 Intel processor going for around $799 to 899. It offers efficient power play for your games in full HD display screen and has an NVidia 10-series chip.

Features you might like

  • Connectivity

The laptop has a Bluetooth 4.1, dual-band wireless and a gigabit Ethernet. For the ports incorporated are one 3.0 USB port, another USB 3.1 both type c and two 2.0 USB ports. It has an audio jack, an SD card reader and an HDMI port too.

  • Storage

The storage is quite enough with 1TB Hard disk and an 8 GB RAM, 128 Kingston SSD

  • Graphics and screen

Has an NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB and the screen size is 15.6 inches with a 1920*1080p resolution.

  • CPU

The gaming pc has an updated Intel Core i7 at the moment with a quad core and 8MB cache.

  • Speakers

It has tiny speakers facing downwards, but the audio is excellent when using a headset.


  • Has a long battery life
  • Its graphics are fantastic compared to the price
  • Has full HD gaming experience
  • The design is sleek and very pleasing to the eye
  • Cheap compared to some competitors


  • Short of computing performance compared to similarly priced rivals
  • It has single channel memory and a slow SSD
  • One can experience difficulties in reading its keys

Bottom line

It is a cheap gaming laptop working very okay with your games but not that outstanding and is short of components that other same level competitors are offering.


FreeSync is an adaptive technological feature for LCD that helps in supporting dynamic refresh rates to reduce screen tearing.

The Asus V245H is currently the best FreeSync gaming monitor below 200 dollars. The following are some of its supporting features.

  • The adaptive FreeSync technology functioning at 40Hz-75Hz.
  • Provides an all-around gaming experience because it is designed with 24 inches screen which is full HD.
  • It has a fast 1ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Combines a technology known as GameFast Input and two low input lag HDMI ports giving you smoother visuals while connected to two devices.
  • Built with eye care technology to allow gamers to have long sessions without strains.
  • The monitor stand can swivel and tilt and has two speakers.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Supported by AMD Freesync technology
  • The design is highly ergonomic
  • Rapid, responsive times


  • Unless you are on a budget, the monitor does not offer much than other highly rated and of more value rivals.

Bottom line

The monitor packs the FreeSync technology and other unique features that are not readily found in less than $200 monitors, and so this gives it an added advantage over the others.

BEST Esports gaming monitor under $200

The BenQ ZOWIE is the best esport gaming monitor under 200. It is one of the preferred selections for gamers. The monitor brings out a right combination of features, compatibility, and performance.

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inches has a resolution of 1980*1080p. This LED display screen has 1ms response time which provides an excellent gaming experience.

It has several added technologies like Black eQualizer, which optimizes the display by increasing the visibility in dark areas, ZeroFlicker which reduces eye strain for those long gaming sessions.

This monitor comes with various gaming modes like the FPS and FTG. The connection includes an HDMI port, audio in, headphone output, a D-SUB and a DVI-DL. It can also be connected to PCs.


  • Affordable going for less than $200
  • Has quick response time with lag free technology


  • Navigating through the menu is a bit difficult
  • The contrast and color reproduction are not the best.


If you are looking to purchase the best 144Hz below 200 prices, then the ACER XF240H full HD is the right choice for you currently.

It is a full HD monitor which comes with several aspects of connectivity, the specs and a lag-free technology to enhance gaming performance.

The screen size is available in 24 inches and looks attractive from the outside. The features include a 1980*1080p resolution supported by the AMD FreeSync technology to reduce its screen tearing.

Has a 1ms response time to manage consistency in gaming play. The comfort of viewers is boosted because the monitor can mount both horizontally and vertically. It reduces fatigue of the eye by using the Flicker Free and Low Blue light technologies. It has another Acer EyeProtect technology for even better viewing.

Acer XF240H can support three connections of HDMI, a DisplayPort and a DVI. However, when you need high results for a 144Hz refresh rate, it is advised you use the DisplayPort.

The monitor utilizes the TN panel type.


  • Amazing responsive times
  • The monitor provides comfort for the view.


  • It has color and brightness issues. They are off.
  • The monitor develops difficulties after a short span.


The Viotek GN24C, the 24-inch monitor, is the best-curved gaming monitor below 200 dollars. This curved screen is an excellent widescreen display capturing every detail and at the same time giving you a tremendous platform for embarking on those multiple screen works.

It has the following features you might like:

Various connection options such as the HDMI and DP 1.2 port to enlarge your 16:9 widescreen into full HD.

Immersive visuals with the monitor having a 1920*1080p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, creating crisp images on its 1800R curved screen display.

It has the FreeSync and other gaming modes such as the FPS and RTS that intensifies gaming experience without screen tearing.

The Viotek can be mounted on any 75*75mm VESA and is adjustable to vertical and horizontal angle for a better view.


  • Cheap than other same level competitors.
  • Color reproduction is excellent, and the backlight is uniform.


  • Low responsive times
  • Missing specs compared to same level rivals.


Monitors need support from other accessories to function well and enhance your gaming experience. For you to enjoy thoroughly, you have to acquire some of the below devices and accessories that will supplement your monitor.


With a monitor mount, you will be able to place it in your preferred angles. Always acquire a mount that can be adjusted with height and other aspects to allow the comfort you need for your view, back posture and also in enabling easy cabling that can run through.


This accessory will enable ease in sharing videos and images and in connecting from one device to another without too much cabling. This adapter is compatible with Pc and other gaming consoles.


The adapter can quickly convert the DVI-I VIDEO signals to VGA analog which has a high-speed data cable promoting optimal performance.


It is currently the most popular cable, an abbreviation of High Definition Multimedia Interface. One can have the 1.4 or 2.0 version which is different in performance with 2.0 having superior performance. It also supports audio transfer.


It generally functions as the HDMI such that it cannot support the transfer of audio.


Another fashionable accessory that is incorporated in most monitors and the latest one being 1.4 able to support the highest resolutions and refresh rates.



  1. High refresh rates:  A monitor with high refresh rate will enable smooth display by reducing the tearing of the screen. The monitor also has a technology called the FreeSync that helps the same.
  2. Affordable: The Asus V245H is very cheap going for less than 200 dollars.
  3. Special features: The monitor has specs are mostly contained inexpensive ones. Features like technologies like GamePlus, FreeSync and other multiple connections such as HDMI ports, USB port, and inbuilt speakers to enhance your gaming experience.

Tips Buying Guide Times: How to choose The Best Gaming Monitors under $200


The buying price of a gaming monitor comes with aligned features that it contains. So, mainly this price factor will depend on your budget and what you will desire to be featured on your monitor.

There are monitors with basics specs that can work for an excellent gaming experience that are going for less than 200 dollars. The specs include TN panel, a full 24-inch screen and some having technologies like the FreeSync. However, of course, if you wish for better features like rapid response time, vivid colors, multiple digital inputs and more compatible monitors, then you brace yourself for around 700 dollars. There are even higher monitors with added perks such as more full screens from 27 inch, other technologies like G-Sync, UHD, and 3D with a curved display. For these, you have to dig deeper your wallet for up to $2500.


The bigger the size of your monitor the better it is likely to be. When space is available, then you can go for 27 inch which is most likely a full HD, offering a maximum resolution of 1920*1080p. Most of the latest 27-inch monitors are now Quad High Definition giving a maximum resolution of 2560*1440p. You will find powerful graphics engine that will work with most recent at high resolution when all your effects have been activated. A high pixel count gives way further for sharp imaging than full HD. If your monitor desk is small, then you can acquire 24 inches but have a limit of 1920*1080p resolution.

If you have plenty of room and can afford a higher priced 30 inch, which is Ultra High Definition (UHD), will provide you with fantastic picture quality because the resolution is at 3840*2160p. Ultra-wide screens have a massive 21:9 aspect ratio while the normal ones have 16:9, and they bring a broad view than the standard ones.


There are various types of panel technologies which have their merits and demerits. The most popular panels are the Twisted Nematic (TN); which are very cheap and offer fast pixel response times and refresh rates. They are though not good with color switching when viewed from an angle. The other panel is Vertical Alignment (VA) which can showcase deep black and have a high contrast ratio with vivid color.  However, this panel has its adverse effects which affect the gaming experience. The In-plane switching (IPS) comes with the best quality of color, the angle view is extensive and an excellent gray-scale performance, but panel’s response cannot be compared to that of TN.


A good gaming monitor should have various video inputs so that it can be connected to several gaming consoles like the Ps4 and Xbox one and other PCs. They should have at least two HDMI ports because most consoles right now are using HDMI. A DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort connections will support graphics cards. USB ports are necessary to connect gaming pads, a mouse and other external accessories that can work with the port. To intensify your audio gaming experience the monitors should have speakers with in-built subwoofers. An adjustable monitor stand can give you the comfort you need for those long gaming session.


A high refresh rate and a rapid pixel response are recommended for gaming monitors. The widely used pixel response is the Gray-Gray measured in milliseconds and shows the time taken for a pixel to switch from one gray shade to another. Low pixel response can aid in eliminating the tearing of motion pictures, and the results will be smooth to the compared to high pixel response. 2mm or even less is perfect for your gaming.

The refresh rate is the number of times in a second a monitor refreshes its images on a screen, and it is measured in Hertz (Hz). Many monitors provide 60Hz which is not the best with fast moving images because it will create screen tearing. If you are able, look for high refresh rate with around 120Hz or even more top, and it will work well with your 3D and eliminate the blur in images. There are monitors with latest incorporated technologies like the FreeSync and G-Sync that help in reducing the screen tearing. Others have the NVidia G-Sync or the AMD FreeSync modes that gives the GPU control of refresh rates. This technology reduces the input lag and provides smooth gaming. However, the FreeSync monitors work well with the compatible graphics card and 1.2 DisplayPort.


There is a lot of gaming monitor brands out there believed to be the best. Arguably, the ASUS monitors come right above the other brands because they are designed with the necessary gaming gears. They also have the best features for enhanced performance. Their monitors are favorites for most gamers. There are other monitor brands which also serve the purpose such as DELL, BenQ, Samsung, Acer, AOC, LG and many more.


Considering the factors we have covered above, we hope to help you gain the knowledge you seek in trying to choose the best gaming monitor below the 200 dollar price. The guidelines have covered the necessary aspects to pinpoint the best results.


Picking a gaming screen is something that ought to be fun and energizing since you know by obtaining a gaming screen implies that you are one bit nearer towards your fantasy amusement encounter. From the reviews above, you will find that there’s a great deal to consider when purchasing a gaming screen, it will be hard to settle on a choice. However, I trust this purchasing guide made a difference.

A significant portion of the gamers needs to find a screen that can enable them to better make the most of their recreations as well as with no gleaming or spreading all the while. What’s more, the nine gaming screens under 200 dollars above can enable you.