Best FreeSync Gaming Monitor: Top Picks & Reviews(2018 Updated)

Knowing FreeSync is great, knowing gaming monitor is great, But when you can do both? Tha’s when you can slap a “ V” on your chest, because you will be unstoppable on your gaming path. And today I have something that will make you feel like you are a game expert. Here are the 5 Best FreeSync Gaming Monitors 2018 you can buy right now.

Top Picks- Best FreeSync Gaming Monitor Of 2018, Pretty Cool.

On the fence? Do not worry, Here shows you a visual list of Best FreeSync Gaming Monitors Of 2017, You can use this chart to make your choice more pleasant and easy.

How We Picked These Top Picks

You may be wondering: How We picked these top picks? Okay, It is all about our personal intuition, skilled display knowledge, and experience. Firstly, We collected a list of good cheap gaming monitors with FreeSync technology from Amazon, eBay, and some other hardware Websites, Then, We put up some candidates which might attract customers’ spending, and made use some of the tools, like SpectraCal CalMAN 5 and Klein K-10A colorimeter software, Leo Bodnar Lag Tester to get the true figures.

How about Further Reading Before You Start.

The Further reading? If you want more details about the FreeSync technology, you can take a look at the previous post “Technology Terms: FreeSync”. If you are dithering and wouldn’t make up your mind to choose a FreeSync gaming monitor or G-Sync gaming monitor, You can read the post:” NVIDIA G-SYNC OR AMD FREE SYNC Gaming Monitor”, Of course,It is pretty cool if you would like to read our Overall buying Guide: Best Gaming Monitors 2017: Definitive Guide and Best G-Sync Gaming Monitor 2017: Definitive Guide.

Reviews: 5 Best FreeSync Gaming Monitors Of 2018

1/ ASUS VG245H Reviews: Good FreeSync Gaming Monitor Under 200

Now: This ASUS VG245H is one of the best FreeSync monitors out there in the sub-$200 range, Coming with a list of neat features to offer, this cheap 1080P display can make it work well in just about any setup. Factor in AMD FreeSync support, fast response times and some useful overlay features, you’ve got one of the best FreeSync gaming monitor offering responsiveness, impressive picture quality and special features for under $200.


Easy-to-use interface: The VG245H’s extremely useful design extends to its Easy-to-use interface, which is painlessly simple to navigate due to a set of physical buttons behind the right side of the display.

AMD FreeSync support: Want AMD FreeSync’s openness for smooth playing, This ASUS VG245H can do well.

Highly ergonomic design: It not only delivers lots of little touches which are both useful and appealing, but also has a highly adjustable stand for your comfort viewing.

Others: Responsive and Crisp


Dimmer than a few rivals

Why It is a top pick

At about $200 price tag, This ASUS VG245H features brilliant colors, speedy response times and a few really remarkable ergonomics that make it do well in daily gaming use.

2/ Samsung U28E590D reviews: 28 InchUHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

If you want a big-screen UHD monitor to hit your competitors, Then this newest reasonably priced Samsung U28E590D is a good choice. Like the the Philips 288P6LJEB (Staring 300 Dollars at Amazon), It features a clear, crisp, very detailed 4K display, and not only delivers a speedy picel response but also a decent gray-scale performance.


Greatly detailed UHD image: The 4k UHD display delivers Greatly detailed UHD image

3,480-by-2,160-resolution:My 4k test images looks nice on this 2,160P panel.

Nice color accuracy: This U28D590D’s color accuracy is really in line with another decent TN-based UHD panel

Others: Fantastic gray-scale performance: Speedy pixel response:


A bit skewed greens. Middling viewing-angle performance. Restricted features.

Why It is a top pick

At a reasonable price, With this Samsung U28E590D, you get a good all-around performance and sharp UHD picture.

3/ LG 27UD58-B REVIEWS: 27 Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Everything about this LG 27UD58-B is functional and fascinating, with its elegant curved stand and sleek black design, to its 4K UHD IPS panel and Freesync support. This 27 Inch Monitor has a cornucopia of useful ports, including USB and HDMI 2.0 ports, as well as an amazing image that you can calibrate. If you would like high-end productivity as much as gaming performance, this 27UD88-W could enjoy a really comfy spot in your home.


Vivid, colorful display: It featutures a 27 inch 4K UHD IPS panel to deliver Vivid and colorful image.

FreeSync support: AMD FreeSync plays nicely with AMD systems.

Elegant and simple design: Its sleek and black chassis and fashionable curved stand make it seem Elegant and simple.

Others: Quick charge support and USB-C port.


Not enough worthwhile presets, a bit Pricey

Why It is a top pick

Although a bit pricey, this LG 27UD58-B is a versatile and engaging 4K monitor with fantastic color choices which you can use for gaming and work

4/ Acer XFA240 Reviews:Cheap 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Consider this Acer XFA240 if you want to pick a fast 144hz gaming monitor with FreeSync to deliver a fast, smooth gaming experience. Yeah, There’s no denying that the Acer XFA240 is really a stunning monitor that shows stunning games in full 4K resolution, Additionally, there is no denying that it’s considerably fast 144hz gaming monitor that is reasonably priced. If you are on a budget, I strongly recommend this monitor for anyone of you thinking about Gaming or purchasing a present for a buddy who likes pc gaming.


Fantastic price: This is a great 144hz gaming monitor with FreeSync for the price.

Fully adjustable TV stand: Its Stand is fully adjustable which enables it to rotate to ninety degrees.

Freesync: For under 200 dollars, the inclusion of Freesync is amazing.

Others: No dead pixels, 1ms response time, Good connectivity.


Color accuracy isn’t the best

Why It is a top pick

Featuring 144hg refresh rate and Freesync support, It is beautifully fine for playing games.

5/ LG 34UM68-P Reviews: 34-Inch UltraWide IPS FreeSync Monitor

Are you in search for a big screen to play your favorite game? If so, enter this LG 34UM68-P, a beautiful 34-inch Ultrawide IPS freeSync monitor that can boost your gaming mood. It makes use of AMD’s FreeSync technology to get rid of tearing and motion stutter, therefore, If you are enduring motion artifacts like tearing and ghosting, This LG 34UM68-P will be more noteworthy and Fantastic than they could be on a smaller sized screen. However, you need plenty of room on your desktop computer to hold this behemoth, It is really big.


Reasonably priced: At about $300, this LG 34UM68-P 34 inch big screen is really big bang for the money.

FreeSync anti-tearing technology: This help get rid of tearing and motion stutter in the fast motion.

Excellent video quality: Coming with a 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS panel, The video quality of this monitor is outstanding.

Others: Very nice screen, excellent size anti-glare screen, eye appealing


5ms response time.

Why It is a top pick

If you want a big bang for the buck and a big screen to boost gaming joy, This LG 34UM68-P offers everything you want.


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