Best 1080p Gaming Monitors: Top 10 Reviews & Guide (2019)

Best 1080P Gaming Monitors 2019:Finding the best 1080p monitor for gaming at a budget price can be hard,especially you do not know what you need and want to look for,In this guide, we will explain all aspects of Full HD gaming monitors, and tell you what to look for and round-up our current favourites of best 1080P Gaming monitors 2019 you can buy.

Top Picks- Best 1080P Gaming Monitors Of 2018, Pretty Good

I think it is more favorable to make your picking easy and comfort if I offer this Up-to-date list Of best 1080P gaming monitors, having a budget price, all-around features as well as convincing customer reviews..

How We Picked These Top Picks

For our top picks we make use a combination of our own intuition about all-around features, convincing customer reviews, and experience along with a its quantitative tools, such as the X-Rite I1 Display Pro for getting contrast,brightness and accuracy figures, the Leo Bodnar input lag tester for testing how well the panel is for gaming use, and so on, So, The 1080P gaming monitors listed here can become one of your decent on-going choices.

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5 Best 1080P Gaming Monitors Reviewed

1/ ASUS VG248QE Reviews, Best Budget 24 Inch 144Hz 1080P Gaming Monitor

It is the speed that matters most when it comes to hardcore gaming, and if your monitor cannot display the action smoothly, even you spend $2000 on a tricked-out gaming desktop you will not get the most out of your hardware investment, However, It is so easy to deal with such kind of Embarrassing thing by picking this ASUS VG248QE 144hz gaming monitor, with a batch of cool features, such as fast pixel response,3D capable,144hz refresh rate, Ergonomic stand an so on. I think nine out of ten people will like this $250 monitor


3D capable: This is a 3D ready gaming monitor very good for 3D fans.

Fast frame rates: A combination of 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate will give you smoother gameplay.

Budget Price: This is a gaming monitor under 300 dollars, which will not break your bank.


Narrow viewing angles, no USB ports.

Why It is a top pick

This ASUS VG248QE is a decent performer loaded with 144hz refresh rate, a fast pixel response, as well as an ergonomic stand, which can get you the most out of your hardware investment.

2/ Acer GN246HL Reviews: Best Cheap 24-Inch 3D 1080p Gaming Display

Acer has a pretty deep bench when it comes to best budget 1080p gaming monitors, and This Acer GN246HL is a good entry-level 144hz 1080p gaming monitor under 200 dollars, great for those who are gaming at the budget. It features 1920 x 1080 resolution, which can offer decent detail for multimedia, Full 1080p gaming, and productivity applications. Currently, it is available in 24 inch and 27-inch size on Apart from its Full HD, It is also a pretty typical monitor in a lot of aspects, such as 3d ready, 144hz refresh rate, and so on.


Viewing angle performance: If you don’t slouch much in your chair, you will see a good viewing angle performance you like.

Outstanding performance: 3D ready, Full HD 1080p resolution,144hz refresh rate, Rapid 1ms response time.

Size option: It is available in 24 inch and 27-inch size


No DisplayPort

Why It is a top pick

If you only have a 200 dollars budget, this is a fast cheap 1080P gaming monitor you can buy, with most respects you like

3/ BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 Reviews-Pro 1080P Gaming Monitor

This BenQ ZOWIE 2455 is a star product built primarily to offer those real-time strategy gamers an edge, loaded with a crisp, responsive 1080 screen and a combination of cool gaming friendly features. By delieving two distinct display modes choice, It is more easy to spot your characters amidst the chaos of games like Dota 2 and StarCraft, what’s more, This 24 inch pro 1080P gaming monitor serves its purpose, and makes any kind of game seem nice-all for an inviting, under 200 dollar price tag.


Sub $200 price tag: This is a pro gaming monitor under 200 dollars, very amazing for gamers on a budget.

All right Ports: It has an all right standard array of inputs, with a DVI port, two HDMI ports, and a D-SUB input.

Around gaming features: it is built for competitive gamers, performing well for RTS games, handling every punch and so on.

Others: Nice audio, good Brightness, and Color, two RTS modes


Sometimes, it is not available on, perhaps, it is selling as never before.

Why It is a top pick

If you are fond of strategy games, For those gaming monitors with price tag under 200 dollars,this BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 excels with any genre

4/ ViewSonic VX2452MH Reviews– Cheap 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 100 Dollars

Now it comes to the best Cheap 1080p Gaming Monitor Under 100 Dollars, ViewSonic VX2452MH, a proof that you do not always need to spend above $200 for decent gaming price. At around $100 price tag, This 24-inch monitor delivers a fast 2ms response time, a bright picture and sharp detail without too much power, However, you should consider about some sacrifices to be made, such as its color accuracy and gray-scale performance could be better, and its features are limited.


Cheap Price: This is the best cheap 1080P monitor designed for gaming you can buy on

Fast pixel response. Featuring two-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response brings a speedy gaming action.

Energy efficient: You can play any kind of games without too much power.


Slightly skewed greens, Limited feature set, Narrow viewing angles, Tilt-only stand.

Why It is a top pick

This is a reasonably priced 1080p gaming monitor that can bring you blur-free action without using too much power.

5/ ASUS VG245H reviews: Affordable 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor

This ASUS VG245H is an entry-level gaming monitor packing a ton of neat features, designed with simplicity in mind. Loaded with speedy response times, vibrant colors, as well as a few truly amazing ergonomics, this 1080p display can work well in just about any setup, additionally, AMD freeSync support, a painlessly easy-to-use interface, and a few useful overlay features make it more well-liked out there in the class of Best cheap gaming monitor under 200 dollars.


FreeSync support: This 1080p monitor is supported by AMD free sync, which make it enhance gaming performance.

Easy to navigate: because of a couple of physical buttons on the right side of the display, It is very easy for you to navigate.

Six GameVisual presets: Each is optimized for a different genre.

Others: ASUS EyeCare, Ergonomic stand


It has no 144hz refresh rate when compared to its rivals in sub $200 gaming monitor class.

Why It is a top pick

This Asus VG245H provides responsiveness, striking image quality, as well as AMD freeSync features for under $200.


The above 5 1080p Gaming monitors are pretty good, although some have a few sacrifices to be made, The final decision depends on your budget and needs, I think you have got one of the best 1080p monitors out there in the 1080p gaming range.