V9bet – V9bet Mobile – V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

V9bet is one of the most prestigious bookmakers in the Asian market, is headquartered in the Philippines and is legally licensed to operate by CEZA and First Cagayan. As one of the new bookies but V9bet has confirmed its name thanks to its professional services, diverse playing types and many attractive promotions …

Introducing the house V9bet

Referring to V9bet people will immediately think of the No. 1 betting address for football, sports, and casino on the market today. With many years of operation in Vietnam market, V9bet has increasingly attracted new players to register and become the best place for online betting players in Vietnam today.

 Beautiful web interface

To bring the best experience for players, V9bet has invested quite a network in the website. Therefore, they often receive good reviews such as beautiful interface, simple, easy to use, fast loading speed … The color of the website is designed in a harmonious manner, without causing distractions. Not only that, V9bet also minimizes the ads to not cause a sense of inhibition for the player.

Website V9bet also supports many different languages. When betting on Vietnam market, the website will display Vietnamese language for players to use easily.

In addition, V9bet also develops a mobile version for customers who use smartphones or tablets. V9bet Mobile version has all the same features as the computer version. The layout is arranged scientifically, clearly and logically.

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money 

 Legitimate house

When participating in betting games at the V9bet dealer, players will not have to worry about legal trouble because V9bet is held by a large gambling organization in the Philippines. All products on the website are provided by leading companies such as: Asia Gaming; Playtech; Oneworks…. More specifically, V9bet is also licensed by big gambling organizations CEZA and First Cagayans along with strict policies to ensure the rights of each player.

The V9bet dealer is also known for its state-of-the-art security system. From there, it is possible to protect players’ information safely, absolutely and regularly checking online projects that bring fairness to each player.

Different services

The online entertainment services that V9bet brings to players are extremely diverse. In particular, football betting services and online casino are the leading games. Join the game here you will have the opportunity to experience the world of vivid games. Just be able to participate in entertainment while bringing yourself large amounts of money.

Attractive odds ratio

Another attractive feature for players at V9bet is the extremely attractive odds. At V9bet, the odds are always higher than the other bookies. Therefore, players will have a chance to bring in a larger amount of winning money.

Attractive promotions

V9bet is not only known for its beautiful interface, diverse services but also for its many attractive promotions. At the first time participating in betting at V9bet, players have the opportunity to receive a deposit bonus of up to 100%. At the same time, during the game, you can still bring yourself a small amount of money when participating in promotions during the holidays organized by V9bet.

Online casino at V9bet

Currently, V9bet has a casino located in the Philippines that can cater to players. When participating in online casino games at the V9bet house, players will experience new technology like sitting in a real casino. At V9bet online casino offers a large list of popular card games such as baccarat, dragon tiger, roulette, shock absorbers, telebet, Sicbo …

Quick withdrawal

Currently V9bet has supported players to top up through all of the prestigious big banks in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, Dong A, Techcombank, Sacombank …

Method of deposit and withdrawal extremely fast. When sending money, you only need to wait 2-3 minutes to be able to play games and bet. Withdrawal method is equally fast when you only need to wait 5-10 minutes to receive the money message in your account immediately.

Support applications on phones and computers

Due to the increasing number of players at V9bet, the website system cannot meet the needs of players. Therefore, the area of ​​applications on mobile phones and computers was born and received great support and interest from players.

You can completely download and install the V9bet application to your phone and computer without having to skip any costs. Even players can access the V9bet website with the web browser on the phone if you do not want to download the application.

With these applications players can participate in the play, experience anywhere, anytime. It’s convenient, right guys!

Support team of V9bet dealer

The final feature not to be missed at V9bet is the extremely professional team of technicians. Any questions of the player will be quickly moved to our system to handle. Thereby you can comfortably play the game without having to worry about any problems.

In addition, V9bet also provides hotline numbers in Vietnam and Zalo, Viber, Skype applications to be able to support players quickly.

Because in our country, the form of betting has not been legalized, the Ministry of Information often assigns the network to block the bookies to avoid causing loss of money abroad. Because of this, players will sometimes encounter problems not being able to access the website.

But people are also completely assured because our technician team is always updating the link to the latest game. From there, everyone can join the game experience without having to worry about the issue being blocked. With these links, people can participate in gaming on all operating systems such as Windows, Android or iOS.

Register V9Bet quickly and conveniently by scanning the QR code.

To participate in betting games at the house V9bet, you need to register an account to become an official member. Registering V9bet is very simple, you just need to visit V9bet’s website, select “register” in the right corner of the screen and follow the instructions.

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

Currently V9bet has many attractive promotions for new members such as the first deposit promotion of up to 3,000,000 VND, 10% discount on exclusive sports refunds … Hurry up to register to receive Deals and experience the exciting games at this house offline.

Sign in to V9bet

After successful account registration, use the account you just registered to proceed to log in to V9bet with the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Access to the website of the V9bet dealer
  • Step 2: Enter your username or email and password in the orange box, then click on “login” is done.

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

So you have successfully logged in V9bet. If unfortunately do not remember the password, please click on the forgotten password or contact the team of consultants for quick support.

After logging in, you can start participating in these house games. However, with newly registered accounts, to be able to place bets you need to deposit money into your account.

Recharge V9bet

V9bet is the first and only bookmaker in the market of bookmakers in Vietnam to accept players to deposit a minimum of 20,000 VND and a maximum of 200,000,000 VND. At the same time, the form of recharging also supports more quickly through major banks in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Sacombank, Agribank, Dong A, Techcombank, ACB …

Recharging your V9bet account is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1:Log in to your V9bet account
  • Step 2:Select “Deposit” in the “Bank” section of the Menu bar

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

  • Step 3: Select the deposit method

At the V9bet house, there are many deposit methods so that players can deposit money into their accounts on V9bet such as: Online banking, ATM, Bank Plus, SMS mobile Banking, counter-transaction, VN ibanking …

  • Step 4:Fill in the information as instructed, then click the confirm deposit

You can refer to the detailed article about instructions for depositing money into your V9bet account here

V9bet withdrawal

As well as the form of depositing money, withdrawing money to the account is also very simple because V9bet is a pioneer in handling withdrawal orders within 60 minutes of players. But now V9bet has upgraded the system, so customers only need to wait 5-10 minutes after the withdrawal order to receive a message about the account. This is also one of the attractive points of V9bet player.

To withdraw money from V9bet account, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your V9bet account
  • Step 2: Choose “withdraw money”

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

  • Step 3: Fill in the required information, then click confirm to make a withdrawal.

V9bet - V9bet Mobile - V9bet Casino Online By Real Money

What is V9bet?

V9bet is an online betting site belonging to the V9bet house based in the Philippines.Here there are many attractive services such as football betting, sports, card game, exchange game, slot game. All of the products here are provided by leading developers around the world.

Is V9bet reputable?

V9bet operates under the authority of the world’s leading licensed casino organization. Therefore when participating in gaming here players will ensure the best interests.

What currencies are accepted at V9bet?

  • Vietnamese Dong (VND)
  • American Dollar Cash (USD)
  • Yuan (RMB)
  • Indian Rupiah (IDR) *
  • Japanese Yen Won (JPY)
  • Korea (KRW)
  • Thai Baht (THB)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Is there a fee to download the V9bet application?

You can feel secure when downloading V9bet applications because these applications are completely free.

Can one person create 2 accounts?

You can create 2 accounts if the information in these 2 accounts is different. However, you should also note that the system will scan on the IP address, so even if two different accounts, you can only receive promotions for one account only

Why deposit money to an account?

Because this is a form of online betting, if you do not deposit, you cannot bet.

Does V9bet keep personal information safe for players?

The house has an extremely good security system, so it can keep the information for players the best. By registering here you will not have to worry about your information being used to do illegal things.

Does registering on V9bet cost money?

Registration is completely free so you can rest assured to use.


Above is all the information related to V9bet is aggregated from our experts. Hope that can help people meet their questions. Quickly register now your V9bet account to experience the world of lively games here and bring yourself big sums of money !. Wishing you luck and success!