TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

From the past until now, the online game series has always been the most played game series in the Vietnamese gaming industry, from online games released for free to paid games, as always, an online game. Eyes have attracted a lot of attention from the Vietnamese gaming community. The following article will list you the best TOP 12 game online on PC, Laptop.

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

Below this article will introduce to you the online games that have made a storm in the Vietnamese gaming community, from the old games to the hottest games in the present time..

1. MU Online

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

This is probably the game that opened the era of online games for Vietnamese gaming village, MU Online when newly launched attracted many gamers at that time and made a storm in the Vietnamese online game market for a period of time. long time. Launched in 2001 by Webzen and introduced to Vietnam around the end of 2003, by the time in 2004, MU Online began to flourish in the Vietnamese online gaming market.

Until now, although no longer strong attraction as in the past, MU Online still receives much attention from MU Online “followers”. From the official Webzen Server to the “MU Mau” server, even many MU Lau servers exist for a long time, operate for 4-5 seasons and still continue to operate and attract a lot of people. play. Not to mention MU Web and mobile versions too.

And most recently, the MU Legend version was put on Steam by Webzen with a different level, bringing the modern look of the RPG game genre in top graphics but still re-showing to MU Online gamers the familiar things in game modes, upgrade systems, items and map systems in the game.

2. Vo Lam Truyen Ky game

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

After MU Online, Vo Lam Truyen Ky (VLTK) has started the online game industry and changed the market situation. Launched in 2005, this game has laid the first foundation to develop the online game industry to the present. VLTK has really become an online game monument in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers.

Standing in the Vietnamese online game market for more than a decade, VLTK still receives special affection and a certain place in the Vietnamese gaming industry. This game has achieved a lot of great success with great tournaments, built with positive changes contributed by the Vietnamese gaming community.

Many games have developed based on the martial arts style like VLTK like Phong Than, Kiem The, Chinh Do, Ngao Kiem Vo Song … Until mobile games like Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile and countless titles. Mobile games eat like this swordplay game.

Although the swordplay genre is currently not very popular anymore, it must be said that Vo Lam Truyen Ky has created the development platform for many swordplay online games on the current Vietnamese market.

3. GunBound

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

At the time of the swordplay game was popular and even the games of the same genre such as MU Online also had a lot of living land, GunBound still emerged as a new breeze for the Vietnamese gaming village, with the way to play the shooter guard coordinates. distinct, new and suitable for all ages. GunBound really knows how to attract gamers into exciting matches. However, after struggling for a while in the Vietnamese gaming village, GunBound officially announced its closure in Vietnam in March 2007 in the regret of many Vietnamese gamers. After that time, many people tried to find foreign servers, or to find illegal servers to play.

After a while when GunBound closed, a series of games of the same genre have landed in the Vietnamese gaming market such as Gunny, TAAN, DDTank … but Vietnamese gamers still expect a GunBound PC revival day in Vietnam. If you want to find the feeling of playing GunBound in the past, you can refer to try the Mobile version of GunBound, named GunBound M.

This version has been upgraded with graphics, but retains the classic gameplay of the GunBound PC version, you will still be able to control the warriors, use your skills to adjust the shooting angle based on weather factors. , terrain and wind power to destroy the target.

4. The Silk Road

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

When traveling into the Vietnamese gaming community, Silk Road has to compete with many extremely hot titles such as GunBound, Vo Lam Truyen Ky, Phong Than, Audition … But this game still makes many Vietnamese gamers lose Eating insomnia with the specific points that SilkRoad brings to the player and even in the present time, the Silk Road is still mentioned as a legend in Vietnamese gaming industry.

Although it cannot be compared to many high-end graphics games now, Silk Road still has its own charm because of the unique and unmistakable game of Tuong-Khac players will still be able to play the three main occupations that are Traders, Bao Tieu and Dao Tac. Each profession has a different interesting characteristics.

5. League Of Legend

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

On October 27, 2009, League Of Legends (LOL) was officially released and created a fever in the MOBA game genre on PC, although the graphics of the game at that time were quite simple and incomparable. compared to modern game graphics technology now. But from a small community of players, LOL has grown and become one of the most powerful game genres in the world today. For Vietnamese gamers, LOL also caused a strong wave when it first launched, League of Legends only has two servers in the US and Europe, though LOL still attracts Vietnamese gamers when players accept received a Ping up to 200-300, until Garena decided to buy the release rights from Riot game and bring LOL to Southeast Asia server, almost LOL appears everywhere.

With the new and attractive MOBA game mode, LOL has attracted most gamers who play online games from the time of launch to the present, this game is always changing, creating a newness from the generals. , looking for new trends for players to learn, creating new ways of playing and harder for gamers to not get bored while playing League of Legends.

6. Strike

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

While the domestic gaming market is having too many swordplay games and the online shooter concept is still very new, when it comes to first-person shooters, most people still choose Counter Strike to shoot the network. LAN in the engine room. Then in turn, there were a number of FPS Online titles that launched Vietnamese gamers such as Special Force, Sudden Attack and even Raid.

Within a year after its release, Raid had reached more than 10 million accounts, and so far, this game still stands after 10 years of development, currently Raid has many game modes. abundance and items, weapons in the game are not too hard to find like the first time.

This year Raid continues to grow in the direction of Esport, maintaining the tournament from amateur to professional. Besides, this game always brings new items and modes to increase the attractiveness for the game.

7. Counter Strike Global Offensive

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

From the first version, the Counter Strike series has impressed many gamers who love FPS games, from CS 1.1, CS 1.6, Counter Strike Source, and until now is the latest version of Counter Strike Global Offensive with Top notch graphics on Steam.

Still the basic fantasy mode for the CS series, players will play two teams, Counter Terroris (Terroris) and Terroris (Terroris), who take part in either rescuing hostages, or place and destroy C4 bombs. Currently, the game has many different modes created to help players reduce boredom. The number of CS GO players around the globe is currently very large and dangerous.

8. OverWatch

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

OverWatch appeals to players by the unique combination of MOBA and FPS games together. In the first test, Overwatch reached over 9 million players, a record breaking number of games with the largest number of testers in a game testing round and has created a fever in the game genre FPS.

The game takes place in the future with the main battle mode is team battle, consisting of two opposing teams and has 6 people per team, players will choose one of the heroes, and each hero has its own unique skills. mine. More specifically in each match, the player can also switch his character after death.

Until now, Overwatch in Vietnam is no longer HOT as before, but not so that this game loses its own charm. The number of gamers in Overwatch has now reached over 40 million, which is a large number and confirms its position in the world of gaming in general and the FPS genre in particular.

9. Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

From an anonymous game, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) suddenly exploded and created a worldwide phenomenon in the field of games, after only half a year of launching, the phenomenon of PC gaming village has sold more than 13 million copies. , surpassing rival DOTA 2 and standing TOP 10 Best Seller Steam continuously since launch, to the point where many gamers can feel that PUBG will be stronger and create a new PC game empire, replacing the title MOBA game League Of Legends. Clearly, PUBG has created a fever when it has only been released for nearly a year, but there have been a series of titles that follow PUBG’s unique Life and Death shooting game like Rules Of Survival, Last Man Standing, Ring Of Elysium. , Knive Out, Cuisine Royale … You can refer to the article 12 games with the same gameplay as PUBG.

10. PUBG Mobile

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

In addition to PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, PUBG Mobile is also storming on the mobile platform, with more than 14 million players every day and has reached over 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS platforms, this is the result. is an unimaginable number for a mobile game.

11. PUBG & PUBG Lite

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a chaotic battle mode for many players. Similar to PUBG Mobile, in PUBG you will be dropped on a large island from the plane and play games from a third-person perspective. PUBG Lite is a stripped down version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

12. Fortnite

TOP 12 best online games on PC, Laptop

Although it is born late and follows the survival shooting mode of the famous PUBG game, Fortnite has its own unique features that attract players, partly because this game is free for gamers to experience. . As of now, Fortnite has more than 125 million players on all platforms.

Still the same game as PUBG, you will fight with 100 players to fight to become the last survivor, in addition to that task, you will have to collect materials, weapons and items to build and fight. support. With such unique points, Fortnite is increasingly attracting players in the world of survival games.

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